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  • HipstaPrint

  • New growth - Tree Peony

  • Shop Lights

  • Into the unknown

    at Cadbury World

  • Inside the Bullring Centre


  • Inside the Bullring Centre


  • Anemone Blanda

    in my garden

  • Selfridges iconic building in Birmingham.

    It has been a long time since I spent time in this city - the Mecca of my youth - and it has changed!!! What a vibrant place!! But, oh, dear, the traffic!!!! Mind you, we get traffic jams in Stow on the Wold these days

  • Kinky!!

    My Granddaughter and I wanted to buy these for her Mum, but they didn't have the right size!

  • The snapper snapped...

    ...in Covent Garden

  • Covent Garden

  • untitled-230

  • Pulsatilla

    The genus Pulsatilla contains about 33 species of herbaceous perennials native to meadows and prairies of North America, Europe, and Asia. Common names include pasque flower, wind flower, prairie crocus, Easter Flower, and meadow anemone. Wikipedia ....t…

  • Flickr - here?..or where?

    This Flickr is not so user-friendly, though it shows the photos up well - Are you going? Or are you staying and coping? So many thousands of images are reportedly uploaded every day, is it going to make a difference to Flickr if we leave? And where on ear…

  • My newest Orchid

  • Glass Daffodil

  • Madingley

  • Anemones

    from Columbia Road Flower market. More pictures in the pipeline!! It was a busy busy place!

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