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  • 365/365 June/ End of Stick Project : )

    The Stick Project is over HIP HIP Hurray But I thought of more Sticks if only one more day , Like: Chop Sticks Walking Sticks Broom Sticks Hockey Sticks Can You think of some more Sticks that were not used? A total of 63,760 Sticks in this project.…

  • 364/365 Stick Family

    The Stick Project is almost over They wanted to have a family photo I'm sure they will agree , it was fun but glad I didn't use them in a leaf blower

  • 363/365 Bases Loaded

    Once in awhile we hit a home run Do it alright and break no rules Just make sure you have lots of fun

  • 362/365 Sticks Visit The Rest Of The World

    The Sticks took off to visit the rest of this amazing world . Learning something new at every country. So much to share and so much to live for. I think their visits shown that most people want to be free and safe, live good lives in peace.

  • 361/365 Stick In The Mud

    Stick In the mud, not a great place to be Let your life be exciting Full of love, fun and free

  • 360/365 Crawdad

    Little crawdad with such big claws Great for holding your food And intimidate us all

  • 359/365 Sticks Go Camping

    Pop up the tent Get out in the fresh air Put your food up so you won't invite a bear!

  • 358/365 Going in Circles

    Sometime it seems like going in circles Always heading to some sort of prizes And still the sun sets and the sun raises

  • 357/365 Those Are Big Bees

    Bee's roam from flower to flower Loading up on pollen powder Heavy do their legs become,such little things with lots of power

  • 356/365 Graduation

    Congratulations to all the grads You did a super job Take a little break and land that perfect job

  • 355/365 Sticks Visit Europe

    OH Goodness the Sticks are having a blast in Europe, They will need some time to visit all the beautiful countries. Adding just a few facts and WOW! so much more to learn. Have a great weekend

  • 354/365 The Wave

    The waves coming in Not missing a beat Jump right in, its such a treat

  • 353/365 Sea Shells

    Sea shells washed up from the shore Each had a critter all alone The shell made them a very nice home

  • 152/365 Mulberries

    Soon the slik worms will be spinning their coccoon Between the worms and the birds Get those berries picked soon

  • 351/365 Soccer

    The World Cup is going on The players want to win Play your best you can't go wrong

  • 350/365 Happy Father's Day

    A very Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads.

  • 349/365 Mushrooms

    They pop up everywhere All shapes and colors Makes it great for Sticks undercover

  • 348/365 Sticks Visit Mexico

    The beautiful country of Mexico is where the Sticks are today, having fun and sharing some facts. Have a great weekend!

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