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  • Rancor's Pit

    The search for the stolen Death Star plans was thorough, on Tatooine the imperial troops looked everywhere, EVERYWHERE, to find them. Even the feared Gangster Jabba the Hutt did not make an exception. TK-24/7 was in charge to secure the dungeons under Ja…


    The Y-wings were always just a few moments away from a mission, when an alarm blared each of the pilots wanted to be the the first in their fighter. I had a blast with the little scale model the other day. :D

  • Judging a Book By It's Cover

    There is a reason for my recent Lego shots that are about the events on the snowy planet of Hoth. They were photographed for a book. The book is small, only 38 pages, a hardcover with dustjacket. It consists of my photographs with little stories to them…

  • Smokin' Hot Darth

    Darth Vader poses for the camera with his armor still smokin' hot from the heat of a fierce battle. Explored.

  • The Gifted One

    One day on Hoth, Darth Vader met someone with more gifts than he had. It was the most confusing moment. All those curious furry four legged flying beasts... And what's the deal with the one with the glowing red nose? Not really intended for flickr, this…

  • Things That Go Bump in the Night

    Little known fact: The wild wampas loved to tip parked imperial AT-ST walkers over during the cold Hoth nights. Yes, they were that strong.

  • REJECTED FRAME: The Arrival of a Star Destroyer

    This is one of the most laborious shoot I ever did. I do not even know how many frames these sessions took, I did it three times. This is the best frame of the first session, I think it has a near perfect light, the illusion of a vast snowy valley/plain i…

  • The Snowtrooper Illustrated Card

    What if the snowtroopers had been a part of the War Picture Library series? This is not supposed to be a cover of such book, rather a collector's card, or something, but I think gotta do at least one of those covers, too...

  • Darth Vader Staying Alive

    Picture this with "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees and the John Travolta strut. I took a day off from work just to read a book on the sofa, but last night we had about 10 cm of snow (it's still snowing and it looks gorgeous outside) and I just had to tak…

  • The Bouldering Nepalese Déjà Vu

    Dr. Jones had the strangest feeling he'd been in this trouble before. The credit for this goes to my kid who came up with the idea while playing with some papier-mâché spheres. :D

  • Lego Police Spinner

    I do not remember where I saw this first, or when. I guess I ran across it several times in many places (in Kaitimar's and Smokebelch's streams most likely), and it just started to fascinate me more and more. The Police Spinner from Blade Runner is probab…

  • The White Heat

    The snowtroopers were not that good a shots to start with, and when the blizzard came... Oh my! There is something that bugs me with the armor-on-white-overall concept of the silverscreen snowtrooper, there's something missing. I don't know what, though,…

  • The Rookie

    On Hoth the new AT-ST drivers learned fast not to start their vehicles with remote after a blizzard while standing nearby. I am not really happy with the kit lens that came with the camera when I bought it. It is, however, the only wide-angle lens I have…

  • Lonely at the Bog

    The exile on Dagobah was filled with solitary lightsaber excercises.

  • Lego AT-ST

    How long could one withstand it's rocky motion before retching all over the controls? I wonder...

  • The Player

    Chewie takes a deep breath of fresh air after an unfortunate round of solitaire.

  • The True Nature of the Force Revealed!

    Little known fact: among the numerous scars on Darth Vader's face there is one lightning shaped on his forehead. It is rarely seen because of the helmet. As are the eyeglasses. Pure magic!

  • The Bounty Hunters

    The sinisterest ever bounty hunters with the fab Han Solo 3D wall poster. Star Wars in 3D? Oh George, let it go already, just give us the Blu-ray.

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