Posted on 10/21/2008

Photo taken on October 16, 2008

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Holding Hands

Holding Hands
On one hand Dubai invites tourists and takes their money but on the other they don’t know how to handle this influence of western immorality and recently “fascinating” signs have appeared in the shopping malls.
This one is located in one of the most popular tourist’s destinations -The Mall of Emirates - requesting ladies to cover their shoulders and knees, as to holding hands, well …. At your peril : )
Generally there is no problem and the tourists float “half naked” through the mall and the contrasts can make one smile - when seeing elegant Arab woman fully hidden in black “abaya” plus “hijab” headscarf and next to her a decadent : ) westerner in tight, see-through linen shorts, visible “g string” and the minute tank-top with half exposed boobs (to the delight of all Arab men)
Photo opportunities are great except it is illegal to photograph Arab women.