Posted on 12/16/2008

Photo taken on September 27, 2008

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oil lamp

oil lamp
I’d like to wish peaceful end of the year to all my contacts

Local shopping malls at Eid are decorated as lavishly as western at Christmas
Donation of $10 into this genies box made him appear in a cloud of smoke but I am not sure if this one granted any wishes
Well, perhaps a prayer or if one is lucky enough to own a real oil lamp and a friendly Genie would solve the present financial problem or two : )

I’ll be away for a while as tonight am boarding flight to Zimbabwe via Congo which always is rather interesting, last time captain had to negotiate refueling costs as the price went up when they connected hose to the plane.
Flight over Congo always holds me in awe, size of Western Europe and all one can see is the uninhabited jungle and bush.