Posted on 01/20/2010

Photo taken on November 23, 2009

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Tantra and liberation from ignorance 1

Tantra and liberation from ignorance 1
- a place of tradition, prayer, smog, people and historically fascinating Hindu and Buddhists temples, charming red tiled cantilevered roofs supported by carved timber struts, carving representing gods and goddesses- still very relevant today.
Then there is a “bemused” tourist looking at the base of the carved strut :-D
I guess it’s the unexpected realism of the depicted erotic scenes which holds the visitors attention.
At first sight I found it difficult to understand the background to such “illustrations” as Hindus and Buddhists are very traditional and sex is almost unmentionable, so the public display of such images is rather unexpected.
Yeh, would be a fascinating subject to study but that’s thousand years of history, local beliefs and gods so one can only scratch a surface.

Looking from- Tantra - perspective, these sexual images I guess suggest in the way the idea of creation, transformation, unity and possibly attempts to attain the blissful moments in the spiritual world through enlightenment and liberation from ignorance

BUT perhaps it’s all bullshit and few guys knew that sex sells hence few carvings on the timber beams act as a form of advertising :-)