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  • strech out the afternoon

    When visiting Zim always like to pop in to the sculpture garden where the local artists congregate and as the stone art goes some of the best artwork can be found here

  • Bali Myths 00

  • Contrasts

    After a day in the desert had to stop to pick up few things for the fridge and walking through the mall I felt in an alien land, as the contrast couldn’t be grater, on one hand morning emptiness among the red sea sand on the other hand evening rush among…

  • She

    She cautiously came into the house and soon made herself at home even demanding dinner, we found the owner and she was “extradited” home :-) but within an hour was again sleeping on my sofa,well, I guess she came to stay.

  • Mumbai - back streets

  • Mumbai - back streets

  • Mumbai

  • Contrasts 1- Market Mutrah-Muscat

    Oman-Muscat - Mutrah market. Spices and perfumes, busy market with local people no westerners around, an old man shouts in Arabic “go home”, an uneasy moment, which quickly fades away, Omanis are very friendly and the local market lures with a great charm…

  • Contrasts 2 - Arabic beauty parlour

  • Contrasts 4 - 40 Floors of glass

  • sunset over ethiopia

    I’m not really a sunset snapper but after two scotches relieving Middle East dehydration the sunset looked even better :)

  • African sky

  • three musketeers


  • meeting

    Imperial architecture meets solution to the housing problem of the communist period of the 50’s-70’s which basically eliminated artistic element resulting in total dreariness and buildings without any aesthetic features

  • Beijing Reflections


  • "The Wall"


  • tango

    ..walking through a park in Beijing I heard a familiar tune of a tango? (with a distinct Chinese “flavor”) and round the corner I came across couples simply enjoying the grey cold Sunday morning. Among them there were ladies in the eighties fluently da…

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