Musée d'Orsay - people watching

The great thing about a big city, and a public place, is the people of diverse nationalities that frequent them. This Japanese lady was in the entrance of the Musée d'Orsay. Only later did I see the other lady behind her and looking in the opposite direction.

Julian Wynne

On the way to a Don McCuillin exhibition in the Tate Britain, we met Julian Wynne in the Victoria Park Gardens near Lambeth Bridge. One of life's true gentleman who was at a loss as to where good manners had disappeared to over the years.

The Bus - people watching

We were on my way to the Tate Britain to see an photography exhibition by Don McCullin. I took this on the bus and it was interesting to see that no one made any sort of eye contact with each other. Is this a big city thing or the norm in most places? Whatever it is, it's a sad reflection on today's society.

The Boys

After taking early retirement at the end of January 2012, I made my way down the country ending up in London for a weekend with my boys, Stephen & Luke. This was one of a number of shots taken at the magnificent Borough Market.

Telephone Box #1

These iconic British telephone boxes, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, first appeared in London in 1926. There are still a few in use around the UK and abroad too; in Gibraltar, Malta and Bermuda.


The River Swale, Richmond


The Green, Richmond

The view from the Old Brewery Guesthouse, looks across 'The Green' towards Richmond Castle....


Janice & Wiggie, Hotel Ibis York Centre,

Janice & The Woo (aka, Wiggie), enjoying a bit of morning sunshine at the rear of the Ibis Hotel, York....


Woodsmill Quay Apartments, York

Once an industrial building constructed during the Victorian era, this fine building has been converted into luxury holiday apartments overlooking the River Ouse....
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