Pure Natural Ingredients' photos

Rotterdam 26-05-2017-4

Berlin 13-16-10-2016-69


Rotterdam 23-07-2016-16

Rotterdam 17-07-2016 SM-27

Rotterdam 30-04-2016 small-11

Some kinda bug, also kinda my first reverse lens photo outdoors. Used a Nikkor 24-50mm on a D7000. If you know what kinda bug this is, please enlighten me, thanks :-) Please visit: www.flickr.com/photos/_101_ for more :-)

Rainy Day at Home 27-04-2016-2

Reverse lens close up of a Hot Wheels toy car, used a Nikon D90 with a Nikkor 24-50mm lens reversed . More at www.flickr.com/photos/_101_