• Spinners - Hungry Horse Folk Club Ellesmere Port 13-08-15

    Well three of them anyway. Hughie Jones (standing middle left), Mick Groves and on Double Base 'Count' John McCormick. Cliff Hall passed away in 2008 and Tony Davis (the oldest) is now a bit too frail to perform. Despite their advancing years, (Mick and H…

  • Ford Mustang Brislington 11-08-13

    It doesn't matter how good the modern Mustang is and how much effort Ford have put into returning to the old ethos of the Mustang (after the dreadful offerings of the 80s and 90s) there is still only one 'Stang. The original one :-)

  • Model Bedford OB / Duple Aldridge 18-08-13

  • Model Bedford OB / Duple Aldridge 18-08-13

  • Model Bedford OB / Duple Aldridge 18-08-13

  • Model Bedford OB / Duple Aldridge 18-08-13

    You can keep all your EFEs, Original Omnibuses, SunStars etc. I will always appreciate something that has been built from scratch with love and care by an enthusiastic amateur far more than the mass produced models. This was lovely and full of character.

  • Model Bedford OB / Duple Aldridge 18-08-13

  • Model Bedford OB / Duple Aldridge 18-08-13

  • Daimler CLG5 / MCW LOG 302 Aldridge 18-08-13

    Birmingham Corporation Transport's unique experimental lightweight Daimler CLG5 / MCW looks at first glance like any Birmingham standard but she is completely different. The body is ultra light in weight and has more in common with MCW's Orion body than t…

  • Bedford VAL / Plaxton Elite (VAL 466G) Aldridge 18-08-13

    VAL466G's owner was kind enough to let me drive this back to her storage site after the event. I'm not the greatest Bedford VAL fan but I have to say that a year in his ownership has born massive improvements in her performance and driveability. All she n…

  • Guy Arab LUF / Burlingham Seagul 1294 RE Aldridge 18-08-13

    A change of ownership a couple of years ago has seen this coach out and about a tremendous amount. On this particular occasion she is back on home territory deep in Harper Bros country.

  • Leyland Comet / Duple Brislington NHY 765 11-08-13

    From the size of the bonnet fitted to this Leyland Comet, you'd imagine there is a huge engine beneath it compared to the similarly bodied Bedford OB next to it. In fact their engines are about the same size but somewhat different - musically ;-)

  • Leyland Tiger Cub / Burlingham Seagul PUJ 781 Aldridge 18-08-13

    There are some folks in the preservation / restoration movement who just seem to be able to turn out ultra brilliant results. Bernard Rogers is one such gentleman. Here, his magnificent ex Whittles Tiger Cub looks splendid. It would be impossible to fault…

  • Leyland Tiger Cub Badge

  • Leyland Leopard Badge

  • Forward

    The enamel badge fitted to the front of ex BCT Daimlre CLG5 / MCW 3002 (LOG 302). The Birmingham Coat of Arms 'Forward'

  • Ellen Smith Leyland Leopard / Harrington Cab Aldridge 18-08-13

    Yikes ! A manual geared Leopard - Pass.

  • Nissan at Brislington 11-08-13

    Any body know the exact model of retro Nissan this is ?

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