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  • rawsave

  • Airfield Tractor

    Styled on the David Brown tractors we used to use for towing on small club fields. They were probably ex Royal Air Force, made in the 1950's. There are some still in use.

  • Zimmerframe

  • Yurt

    This is on OpenSim Creations, and will be on Kitely too. The famous mobile home of central asia, in Mongolia known as a Ger.

  • Wright Flyer 1910

  • Wheelchair

    This is in two versions, open for use, and closed for transport. It's available as a free download at OpenSim Creations, and will be on the Kitely market at the lowest allowed price of 10KC. (10KC is about 2 cents american)

  • Watering Can

  • Sack Trucks

  • Runabout

    Another variation on the 1908 antique car theme.

  • Office Desk set dark maple

    The desk and plinths are on OpenSim creations as a free download. With the chair added, they will be on Kitely market at 10 KC, and there will be chioce of two colours.

  • Office Chair Blue

  • Farm Tractor

    Styled on the old David brown tractors, similar to the airfield tractor, but with hydraulic attachments and PTO on the back.

  • Extinguisher CO2

  • Dumper

  • Crash Tender

    Based on a Volkswagon fire truck

  • Cement Mixer

  • Roadster

    Inspired by the "armchair" Buicks of around 1908.

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