Rooksburg's photos

  • 18. Bin Laden

    ...Or the Bin Laden.

  • 01. Brean Approach

    The steep steps up to Brean Down. As you can see, it was quite a nice day when we started.

  • 02. Earthworks

    Evidence of ancient field systems on top of the outcrop. There's also evidence of a Roman temple nearby, but the wind was so strong I couldn't stick around to take too many photos.

  • 03. Fort from Hill

    Palmerston's Fort, visible from the top of the hill. Built in the 1860s and reused in World War II, now it lies in ruins.

  • 04. Foundations

    When the local council gained control of the site, they decided certain buildings were 'eyesores' and had to be removed. This is all that remains of them.

  • 05. Observation Post

    One of the observation posts that overlooks the Bristol Channel from Brean Down.

  • 14. Who Goes There?

    A small window overlooking the main entrance to the fort.

  • 06. Barracks Exterior

    The building used as a barracks when the fort was first built in the 1860s.

  • 07. Fireplace

    One of the two fireplaces that remain in the barracks building.

  • 08. Barracks Interior

    The inside of the barracks at Brean Down. During World War II this room was used as a recreation room.

  • 09. Gun Installation

    One of the original gun installations from the 1860s...

  • 10. Victorian Guns

    ...And the gun stores nearby.

  • 11. WWII Guns

    Part of the gun stores used during World War II...

  • 12. WWII Installation

    ...And the installation for the 6 inch guns used in World War II.

  • 13. Searchlight

    The remains of one of the two searchlights used during World War II, heavily battered by the sea.

  • 15. Gunpowder Stores

    The passage leading to the gunpowder stores, unfortunately locked to the public.

  • 16. Old Graffiti

    As mentioned in my other albums, I'm quite obsessed with old graffiti. This was the only old graffiti visible at the site, on the wall leading into the gunpowder stores.

  • 17. Graffiti

    Decidedly more modern graffiti was prevalent at the site. I wasn't expecting the Gandhi quote...

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