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  • Buff-Banded Rail

    Taken at Penguin Island, Shoalwater Bay, Western Australia. Penguin Island is part of a marine park reserve and is restricted from public access for a large part of the year. When it is open to the public, a ferry takes visitors back and forth the short…

  • Buff-Banded Rail Chick

    Penguin Island, Shoalwater, Western Australia

  • Splendid Fairy Wren

    Splendid Fairy Wren (Malurus splendens splendens) Male in breeding plumage.

  • Red-Eared Firetail

    Red-Eared Firetail (Stagonopleura oculata) Endemic to s-w Western Australia.

  • Chestnut-rumped Thornbill

    Chestnut-rumped Thornbill (Acanthiza uropygialis) 10cm

  • Red-Winged Fairy Wren

    Red-Winged Fairy Wren (Malurus elegans) Non-breeding plumage. Endemic to south-west Western Australia.

  • Western Gerygone

    Western Gerygone (Gerygone fusca) 10-11cm. A warbler endemic to Western Australia.

  • Scarlet Robin

    Scarlet Robin (Petroica boodang) 13 cm Juvenile male.

  • Scarlet Robin

    (Petroica boodang) 13cm Male Most of the ones I see are this orangey colour.

  • Giant Spectacular - Little Girl

    This one, and the Diver Giant, spent 3 days roaming around the Perth Central Business District, apparently trying to find each other. The city was swamped with people. This was taken outside the front door of my workplace. Unfortunately, our part of th…

  • White-Bellied Sea Eagle

    White-Bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) m 76cm f 84cm Juvenile showing brown/white plumage (adults grey/white)

  • Carnaby's Black Cockatoos

    Carnaby's Black Cockatoos (White Tailed) (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) 53-60cm We found what appeared to be a creche of juveniles in amongst some trees while their parents grazed on seeding vegetation in the adjoining paddock. Good to see as this is an e…

  • Nankeen Night Heron

    Nankeen (Rufous) Night Heron (Nycticorax caledonicus) 56-64cm

  • Grey Currawong

    Grey Currawong (Strepera versicolor) 45-50cm. The lizard looks like it has little arms and hands ... creepy.

  • Blue-Breasted Fairy Wren

    Blue-Breasted Fairy Wren (Malurus pulcherrimus) 13.5-15cm Male

  • Scarlet Robins

    Scarlet Robins male/female

  • Splendid Fairy Wren

    Splendid Fairy Wren (Malurus splendens splendens) Male. They're in full bloom this time of year.

  • Fox

    Mrs Fox was tootling along, minding her own business and only discovered I was there when the shutter went off. Wearing camoflage is very entertaining. She was lactating and must have kits stashed away nearby.

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