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  • totoro easter bunny

    we watched "my neighbour totoro" today. helmet by kekasconpecas :)

  • kit

    jumper by quenne

  • kit

    At Roath Park lake, Cardiff. Outfit by miema Pompom beanie beret from between the buttons (lala!) Kit is a chantilly lace custom blythe.

  • Bryony & Helki

    Pow Wow Poncho twins. Helki belongs to blythegran. Hats by Lala Jumpers by birdielady Moshi moshi jeans Sunnybobo boots

  • stag

    headband by kuloft, so pretty.

  • trudie

    re-rooted ebl skate date. (re-root by jaszmade). dress & bow by xoxoblythe

  • sonny angels valentine's day 2013

    sonny angels are getting so expensive! from the valentine's 2015 collection I have had to pick only 2 out of 6. I'm glad I have these from the days when they were more affordable :)

  • groot

    after watching "guardians of the galaxy" i couldn't resist buying these funko pop bobblehead figures, or the soundtrack!

  • zosia

    dolly mixture tube map dress eurotrash garden glory helmet azone boots

  • dog dress

    we love this la boutique de lupi dress, especially the beagle on the front! thanks isi & lupi.

  • golden girl

    dress & hat by the little owl for blythe. i think the navy & gold work so well together! thanks shelley.

  • chicken boy does drag!

    The wonderful Paula (XieKitchen) sent me some sweet crochet dresses for my mame momokos! Even afro man shed his boiler suit & chicken boy got in on the action. Thanks Paula!

  • kelp

    dress by atomic blythe

  • bungalow bliss

    bikini by between the buttons, thanks lala!

  • kelp

    dress by "dressing blythe" / minami626

  • orange bird

    orange bird, disney vinylmation park starz 2, released may 2013

  • sonny angel flower series

    cherry blossoms, hydrangea, acorn, dandelion, lily bell, poppy, carnation, morning glory, tulip, cactus, rose, pansy. I like pansy, acorn, hydrangea & cherry blossom the best.

  • Walking on a dark Sunday

    Autumn is definitely here. Cape by M for monkey, part of a Campion set from Le Jour B last December.

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