Richard Wasserman's photos

  • Large Dragon Bracelet

    A large silver dragon bracelet my business partner designed.

  • Sun Bear at the Bali Zoo.

    Bored looking sun bear at the Bali zoo.

  • Sulawesi Panorama1

    Panoramic view of a karst formation in South central Sulawesi.

  • Sulawesi Karst

    Karst formation in South central Sulawesi

  • Cute Little Girl

    A cute little girl in our booth at a Hyde Park, Chicago street fair.

  • Pradnya Heart Wulan

    Bali grafitti.

  • Somewhere in Bali

    I took this picture a few years ago and don't remember where this is.

  • Monkey Photography

    Asian photographer getting up close with a monkey in the Ubud monkey forest.

  • Bali Grafitti

    Bali grafitti.

  • downtown chicago from museum campus as a blueprint

    Downtown Chicago from the museum campus. Altered in Photoshop.

  • Ubud Rooftops

    I was trying out a new longer lens.

  • Pemangku Temple Priest

    Temple priest in Bali.

  • Ubud Cremation

    Funeral pyre at a cremation in Ubud Bali.

  • Man Riding Horse in the Hyde Park 2013 4th of July Parade

    I took this photo in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago at the local 4th of July 2013 parade.

  • Mangrove Information Centre Denpasar

    There is a boardwalk to view the Bali coastal Mangrove swamp in Denpasar. Everything is covered in plastic garbage.

  • Paulette's Hands

    My wife making jewelry in our toko in Ubud.

  • Tourists From Sumatra at Tana Lot

    This group of young ladies asked me to take their picture with their cameras. They were kind enough to let me take one with my camera.

  • Irrigation Canal in Bali

    There is a system of canals in place to channel rain water for Irrigation in Bali.

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