Debby - Lace's photos

  • All my little Spoiled Plastic Blythe Boys !

    I have so enjoyed making each one ! I have two more in the works and then that will be it for my BOYS ! Then maybe I shall make some for adoption :)

  • Yay Another Spoiled Plastic Boy is here

    I have two more in the works ! Each one is so different and special ! I think I love making Boys !!

  • Love taking his photo

  • Knock out Gold Candy Chips

  • HELLO from Wylie

    Awe I am in Love with him but then I LOVE all my boys !

  • Such a cutie pie !

    Sweet little guy and his skinny scalp worked out great ! First try too !

  • Little freckled beach bum boy - Wylie

  • Wylie's Lids and Pulls

    He is just the way I wanted him to be !

  • Carved for another Blythe Boy

    I have been on a custom making binge !

  • Aquellina - love how her mouth turned out

    Hello she says ! Pleased to meet you ! lol !

  • My Newest Custom

    Please meet Aquellina ! She seems to love the camera and I loved making her and taking her photos ! Hope you love her too ! She was my Kiss Me True !!

  • Spoiled Plastic Custom - Pull Charms

    She turned out so much like how I had imagined her ! Yay !

  • Ocean themed Charms and Beads

    The darling fish I ordered special for her and the sweet silver dolphin is from my dearest Flickr friend Marta !

  • Aquellina

    Her lids are like little bubbles in the sea !

  • Amazing blue candy chips

    These are always my fav chips ! BIG fan of the candy chips !!

  • Deep Aqua Starburst Chips

    Love these !

  • Sparkley Green Chips

    I picked all colors you see in the ocean for her !

  • Light Clear Aqua Blue Hearts Chips

    She has an Ocean theme so these chips remind me of sea glass !

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