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I am another

"This photo was taken in his first day. He began to work for Athos, in the circus, three years ago" ... "For our boss the squizofrenia is an incentive"

May 24, 2013

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The reason which gives its name to the illustration,the desire, is materialized through Hanhn and Kyung. The word desire starring the face of Hanhn in Korean kanjis, the nationality of Kyung. I Intended to convey the strong influence of Hanhn over Kyung and whose impact is more than obvious, besides the ambiguous attraction, represented by geometric and spot colors outside the tones wich are usually used in those grounds (warm colors in general), which in turn represent Hanhn.

Autumn shots

"He smells like cumin, plaster, oils, tupertines and grass"


Obsessive love; Experience great emotional highs and lows; Very possessive and often jealous lovers. "You can't have everything you want. The worst of all of that, little boy, there're people who make promises they know they won't comply"

Before the performance

Breathe deeply. Wait. Now. Jump and slide. Pray for not to fall to the ground. Even if you're crazy, it's a risk you have.

Follow the inspiration

in the red light district

This is a wild world

It's hard to get by just upon a smile. "Don't be fooled by appearances, you know you've chosen the hard way"

Open road

He's out of himself

May 24, 2013

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