Julia Kay's photos

  • 2013.07.13 Bag Packed for the Long Trip South

    iPad Drawing Pad App From Imagination 15-20 minutes Just for fun!

  • Gertrude Stein

    Iphone, Drawing Carl App, from memory

  • 2013.05.19 (or 20) The Whites of Her Eyes (and chalk

    Ink on paper, some chalk, applied with brushes, dried flower stalk and chopsticks, with lots of blotting with rags. Small, 5 X 7 inches or less. Pretty quick, around 10 minutes.

  • 2013.05.14 Prisoner of the Night

    Ink on rough brown paper 4 X 5 inches 10 minutes From life / observation / mirror Rather like this one myself... Thank you to Gregory Hergert for the title! Having a mini Daily Self-Portrait Project the last few weeks, all ink. The big pending question…

  • 2013.05.12 Great Model with Legs Crossed

    Botero and Freud were not the only ones to have great models :0 iPad Paintbook App Freehand from life 10-20 minutes

  • 2013.05.10 2 Best Right Eye Ever

    May Inkarama fun! Ink on brown paper 4 X 5 inches Applied with brush I set my eyes back under my brow more successfully than I usually do, and that right eye (right as you face the page) seems quite like my eye, though there's not much resemblance overal…

  • 2013.05.20 A Flurry of Paint

    Acrylic paint on paper - a very small lined notebook, actually, painted across the page binding. 4.5 X 6.5 inches And pretty quick... From life/observation/mirror "Ipernity Exclusive" (for now). I'm behind on my flickr uploads, so here's a peek ahead to…

  • 2013.05.11 Save the Last Glance for Me

    This certainly does seem like a clean, quiet suburb of flickr....

  • 2007.06.13 pom pom pom