The "Next forest neighbor" finally arrived! I'm not sure about her name. I've been tentatively calling her Ruska. There is no single word translation for Ruska into English, the dictionary gives the following translation: "The process of leaves turning various shades of red, yellow, purple, and brown in the autumn". (ADAD 2015 December 1)


Baron von Munchy: "Look! I'm a purple gingerbread people eater!" To make it easier to keep the gingerbread castle from being eaten Wage made some small gingerbread cookies from the leftover dough for the Domos to eat before Christmas. (ADAD 2015 December 4)


Ruska likes orange. (ADAD 2015 December - 9: Colorful)


Night: "Hey, it's the Trojan Domo again! They try it every year and it never works!" Stormie: "It's only a decoy! They are trying to attack from the other side!" Stormie & Night: "Get lost! No nibbling before Christmas!" (ADAD 2015 December - 13: Sweet)


I've made some shoes for Ruska, too. She got suede boots and two pairs of dressy shoes. (17/365/2016 Toy Project)

Ruska in the forest

Ruska in the forest


Jippo is helping Ruska pick some mountain ash berries. I told them not to pick the big red toadstool in the background. It is a fly agaric though it has rained so much that the rain has washed away the white spots. (5/30 - Jippo)


Niks: "Buy the best snake oil in town! Will cure any disease and grow hair even on a billiard ball! Only one button per portion!" Naks: "Buy the best love potion in town! Will make everybody fall in love with you! Only one button per bottle!" Candy: "Don't believe them! Their snake oil will only grow troll hair!" Kuura: "Don't believe them! Their love potion will make only frogs fall in love with you!"
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