Wage's Sweet Shop

Wage has a new business idea: He is selling candy and cookies to the Domos. Wage: "Stay in line. No pushing. Have your coins ready. Best candy and cookies in town!"


Wage: "I said no pushing in the line!"


I've caught a cold and it seems that the Domos caught it, too. With all the sneezing going on Wage got a new business idea. He is selling tissues to the Domos. Wage: "Get your tissues here. The softest ones in town!" Domos: "ACHOO! ACHOO! ACHOO!"

Ice scream shop

We have a heat wave over here, and Wage took advantage of it and started selling ice cream to the Domos (and Icy). Wage is making bucket loads of money - I mean buttons... Wage: "Get your ice cream here! The coldest in town!" Domos: "BRAIN FREEZE!!!!"

Patent medicine business (Hairy Domos 1/7)

The Domos have been admiring the beautiful hair of my trolls Niks and Naks. As Niks and Naks have been practicing patent medicine business for many years they started selling hair elixir to the Domos. Niks: "Get your hair elixir here!" Naks: "Guaranteed to grow hair on anything!" Niks: "Made of hairy spiders and other powerful ingredients!" Candy: "Me first!"

Ice cream

Niks and Naks did not save the buttons they got from selling patent medicines to the Domos. As soon as they heard that Wage sells ice cream for buttons they visited Wages ice cream shop and spent all their hard (?) earned money - I mean buttons.

Wage's weggie stand

Wage: "Get your veggies here! The freshest in town!" All Domos: "Veggies, BOOOOO!!!" Candy: "We want candy!" Frosty: "And ice cream!" Dandy: "And donuts and cookies!" Choccy: " And chocolate!" All Domos: "Veggies, BOOOOO!!!"


ET: "We want to buy that cabbage. We love all green veggies." Wage: "Sure, just bring your button over here." Little Green Aliens: "Ooooohhhh.... cabbage...." It looks like Wage's veggie stand was not a complete failure after all...


Lumi: "I need a load of carrots. Got to feed all these bunnies." Wage: "Of course. And I'm sure the bunnies will love cabbage, too."
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