The sparkly Domos are attracted to everything that glitters... Kuura: "Give back my shawl! You are ruining it!" (ADAD 2015 July - 1: Sparkle)

On my street

We have a farmers' market right across the street. (ADAD 2015 July - 2: On my street)

Red birds

Candy: "Watch the birdie and say 'CHEESE' !" Red birds: "Seeds!" Candy: "Close enough!" (ADAD 2015 July - 3: Red)


Billder: "The new bridge is finally open for traffic. And from it we have a good view to the tunnel construction site. This calls for a celebration! Let's go home for some strawberries and ice cream!" (ADAD 2015 July - 4: Celebration)


Relaxing on a hot day (ADAD 2015 July - 5: Hot)

Cold on a hot day

Icy and the snow elves know how to stay cool on a hot day. (ADAD 2015 July - 6: Cold)

Angry birds

Candy: "Aim between the eyes!!!" (ADAD 2015 July - 7: Between)


Most Domos are smooth or soft but the glittery ones feel rough. (ADAD 2015 July - 8: Rough)


Another bridge repair site (ADAD 2015 July - 9: Work)
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