2015 Yearbook

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  • Leaving

    Sunny: "Next stop: Seattle!" Wage: "Have a safe trip!" Candy: "Have you packed everything?" Bones: "Candy, get out of the box or you'll end up in Seatlle, too!" Borgy: "Resistance is futile!"

  • Sledding?

    Pyry: "Hey, where did all the snow go?" (ADAD 2015 January 1: New)

  • Gregor

    Gregor's new jacket is made from effect yarn spun from frayed and carded yarn bits.

  • Gregor's new jacket

    Made from effect yarn spun from frayed and carded yarn bits. A close up to show the yarn effect more clearly

  • Organize!

    Pilvi: "You would all fit in nicely if you could just get organized!" (ADAD 2015 January 3: Organize)

  • Umbriel

    Black and white (ADAD 2015 January - 4: Black and white)

  • New snow

    Ymir: "New snow looks so clean in the sunshine!" Icy: "And it's so soft and cold, just right for a snow bath!" (ADAD 2015 January - 5: Clean)

  • Ninja trainer

    Ninja Turtles: "%£**!!§*&!!!" Spark: "Shut up! You need fresh air and excercise even in the winter!" (ADAD 2015 January - 6: Outside)

  • Kuura and Spooky

    Better to light a single Domo than to curse the darkness. (ADAD 2015 January - 7: Dark)

  • Fenris the Werewolf

    Stormie and Night did a fine job defending the gingerbread castle but even they are afraid of a werewolf. (ADAD 2015 January - 8: From a low angle)

  • Colorful

    Eggie, Ygg, Rastaban and Poseidon playing. (ADAD 2015 January - 9: Colorful)

  • Yellow

    Bright yellow is Eggie's favorite color and the yellow Domos love playing with Eggie's yellow toys, too. Billder: "Beware! Here comes the great big bulldozer. BRRRRRN BRRRN BRRRRRRRRRRRRRN!" Sunny2: "Look! I knocked Picachu out!" Mango: "Giddyup!" Jel…

  • In between

    The Domos started flinging Angry Birds at each other and poor Algol got caught in between. (ADAD 2015 January - 11: In between)

  • Steam

    Icy: "This is cheating. That old engine has long since run out of steam."

  • Texture

    Kuura: "Lace knitting with mohair yarn gives such lovely texture to my skirt!" (ADAD 2015 January - 12: Texture)

  • Earth

    Candy: "Look here now. This is the planet Earth..." Zeon: "Wjfgurvhj rnfgjnfj jfdkf?" Candy: "No, I don't have a map of your home planet Zumiklox."

  • Ordinary

    Puck is reading to Snoopy about the 101 dalmatians. Snoopy is glad he's just an ordinary beagle, not a dalmatian. (ADAD 2015 January - 13: Ordinary)

  • Caliban

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