• Demolition party

    As Christmas is over, the gingerbread village is no longer out of bounds. Of course the Domos, Uglies and trolls think that demolition of the gingerbread village is the best New Year's party! (1/365/2014 Toy Project) (1/30 - Icy) (Yes, I'm trying a new…

  • Sledding?

    Ymir: "Get your hat and scarf, Icy! We want to go sledding!" Icy: "It's no use. All the snow has melted!" Brimir: "What do snow elves do without snow?" (2/365/2014 Toy Project) (2/30 - Icy)

  • Self Portrait

    Candy: "Why are you going through all that trouble, Icy? I could have taken your picture." Icy: "Get out of the picture, Candy! This is supposed to be a self portrait!" (3/365/2014 Toy Project) (3/30 - Icy) (52 Weeks Photography Project - Week 1: Self P…

  • Icy on the beach

    What does an ice-bat do in January when there is no snow or ice? He goes to the beach for a swim! (4/365/2014 Toy Project) (4/30 - Icy)

  • Snow!

    Icy: "Look! Snow!" Frosty: "Yay! Get the skis! Get the sled!" (5/365/2014 Toy Project) (5/30 - Icy)

  • Hopeful snow elves

    Ymir: "We heard you saw some snow yesterday, Icy. Can we go sledding now?" Icy: "Too late. All the snow melted already." (6/365/2014 Toy Project) (6/30 - Icy)

  • The Royal Command

    Kuura: "As the Snow Queen I declare that the weather must start getting colder immediately!" Icy: "I agree! I have my winter gear ready." (7/365/2014 Toy Project) (7/30 - Icy)

  • Rainy day fun

    On a rainy day Icy plays computer games with his friends. I think Tiberius has just won... (8/365/2014 Toy Project) (8/30 - Icy)

  • Love

    Domes Bond: "Will you come for a ride in my Aston Martin?" I think Domes Bond is in love. It appears that Niks and Naks have been selling their love potions again (with Icy's help). (9/365/2014 Toy Project) (9/30 - Icy) (52 Weeks Photography Project - W…

  • Crumbs

    Icy: "So that's all that is left of the gingerbread village. Nothing but crumbs. Why bother vacuuming, though? You could just have let the Domos lick the tray." Wage: "They can empty the dust bag after I have filled it with dusty gingerbread crumbs." Ca…

  • The reversal

    Candy: "Bones, hold the tube right there. Borgy, put the vacuum cleaner in reverse so that all the gingerbread cookie crumbs Wage vacuumed in will come right into my mouth." Icy: "Are you sure this is wise?" Candy: "Definitely!" Borgy: "Resistance is f…

  • Finally winter!

    Icy & the Domos: "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....." (12/365/2014 Toy Project) (12/30 - Icy)

  • Sledding

    Oops... It looks like the sled is a bit small for these three, Icy has fallen off already... The snow elves, Ymir and Brimir, are so pleased that we finally have snow and frost. (13/365/2014 Toy Project) (13/30 - Icy)

  • Icy Beach

    Icy: "It seems that I can't go swimming today. It has been so cold that the lake has frozen and I did not take an axe with me..." Chilly: "Ouch! The ice is slippery!" Frosty: "Haa-haa!" (14/365/2014 Toy Project) (14/30 - Icy)

  • Candy

    Icy: "Mmmmm... peppermint candy... I think I'll eat that big one with no wrapper on..." Candy: "NOOOOO!" (15/365/2014 Toy Project) (15/30 - Icy) (52 Weeks Photography Project - Week 3: Candy)

  • The Royal Inspection

    Kuura the Snow Queen: "Now this is what a winter should look like!" Icy: "I'm glad Your Majesty approves. It is perfect weather for an ice-bat, too!" (16/365/2014 Toy Project) (16/30 - Icy)

  • Wear and tear

    Icy: "Look, Wage! The paint is peeling off our sled!" Wage: "So it seems. That sled has been in hard use. Maybe we'll have to make a new one..." (Pictures of that sled when it was new are here: www.ipernity.com/doc/290841/album/600941 ) (17/365/2014…

  • The Ugly Band

    Some Saturday entertainment. (18/365/2014 Toy Project) (18/30 - Icy)

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