2013 Yearbook

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  • Should we continue?

    These guys wanted to continue with another photo-a-day project, but in the middle of the project Flickr messed things up so badly that this will not likely be a complete project (no numbering retained on the photos move to Ipernity, we'll try again next y…

  • New rompers

    Yggdrasil and Ratatosk got new woolly rompers to keep them warm in the wintertime. Bones: "Nice buttons on that suit..." Ratatosk: "If you touch my buttons you'll regret it for the rest of your life!" Bones: "Those buttons are so small that they are no…

  • Winter sports

    Contrary to the common belief, the aliens did not come here to conquer the Earth, they came here for the winter sports.

  • Snow Ugly

    Chilly: "Now the snow ugly is finished." Icy: "And now you are going to take it home with the sled and put it into the ice box, right?" Frosty: "Wrong! Now we are going to push the sled down the cliff!" Icy: "NOOOOOO!!!!!!"

  • Landing party

    Tiberius: "First Officer, what does the tricorder show about this planet?" Bluey: "This planet has arctic charasteristics. And there are no cookies within range." Tiberius: "Beam us up, Scotty, I'm hungry!"

  • Icebatcave

    Icy: "This is a perfect batcave for an icebat."

  • Frozen lake

  • Icy tree

    Everything an Ice-Bat touches turns into ice!

  • Icy cave

    Icy wants to examine every ice cave he finds!

  • Icy cave

    Icy: "This cave has teeth. I't like the jaws of an icy monster!"

  • Icy frost

    Icy: "This lump of ice has frost growing on it like hair!"

  • Icy frost

    Icy: "This lump of ice looks like a porcupine with frosty spikes!"

  • Icy grass

    Some plants near the waterline are completely enclosed in ice.

  • Monster factory

    First mad scientist: "It's alive!" Second mad scientist: "Yes, yes, but maybe we should slow down the monster production a bit. The dungeon is getting crowded."

  • Snowdomo

    Chilly: "Look!" Frosty: "We made a Snow Domo!"

  • Pizza

    Bodyguard Domo loves square pizza! Bodyguard Domo: "Mmmmmm... square...."

  • Hunting

    Icy: "What's up, Doc?" Baron von Munchy: "Ssshh! Be very very quiet, I'm hunting for the abominable snowdomo!"

  • Ratatosk and his flying squirrel

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