Icy waterhole

2011 Yearbook

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  • Start of the Quest (Quest 1)

    Stormie: "This is a bit unfair. You have a horse and I only have skis..." Night: "The snow is a bit too deep for the horse, so don't complain." Stormie: "Where are we going anyway?" Night: "We are going on a Quest." Stormie: "Quest? What quest?" Nigh…

  • Icy waterhole

    No matter how cold it gets, the winter swimmers keep their hole in the ice open with the help of a pump that keeps the water moving and prevents it from freezing. Icy wanted to go and swim in the hole, but I did not let him because I was afraid the curre…

  • The Lonely Tower (Quest 2)

    Juliet: "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?..." Night: "Excuse me.." Juliet: "Oh, good morning gentlemen. Is either of you perhaps called Romeo?" Night: "No, why do you want him? Are you perhaps a damsel in distress?" Juliet: "Oh, no, just prac…

  • Niks and Naks swinging on a winter seed pod

    Niks & Naks: "Wheeeeee....."

  • The Tavern (Quest 3)

    Stormie: "Do you serve hot cocoa here?" Night: "What is your name, oh fair maiden?" Dulcinea: "We only serve beer. But the fire is hot, sit by it if you feel cold. And my name is Dulcinea." Night: "Oh, what a sweet name. May I dedicate all my heroic de…

  • Yellow conflict

    Mostly my little Latis play nicely with each other, but sometimes there is a conflict... Sampo: You have taken my Picachu and my Picachu hat again!" Eggie: "Everything that is yellow is mine!"

  • Advice (Quest 4)

    Smith: "Good beer in this place, isn't it!" Stormie: "I'd rather have hot chocolate, but they don't serve it here." Smith: "If you are after some strange brews, you could go and ask the alchemists. They concoct all kinds of strange potions." Dulcinea:…

  • Frogs in the snow???

    Fomalhaut brought his frogs out to enjoy the snow, but the frogs are not very pleased. They want to get home and get some hot cocoa!

  • Ugly snow fortress

    The uglies had a lot of fun making a snow fortress.

  • Ugly snow fortress

    Of course Icy made a bat cave for himself

  • Ugly snow fortress

    The uglies had a lot of fun making a snow fortress.

  • Ugly snow fortress

    Babo and Jeero ready to start throwing snow balls at you!

  • Ugly snow fortress

    Wage in the top tower

  • Ugly snow fortress

    The temperature is just barely above freezing today, so the weather is perfect for building a snow fortress. Of course the little uglies wanted to go out and build one. Nobody can pass when the little uglies keep watch in their fortress.

  • Windmills (Quest 5)

    Night: "Look! Giants! I must fight them!" Stormie: "They are not giants, they are windmills." Night: "They are giants! I must attack them before they attack us!" Stormie: "Did you not listen at all? Dulcinea told you not to fight any windmills!" Night…

  • Caught (Quest 6)

    Night: "Aaauuuggh! Help!" Stormie: "I told you... OK, hang on, I'll get you down in a jiffy." Night: "Oh noooo! Don't shoot!"

  • Saved (Quest 7)

    Stormie: "Night, are you all right?" Night: "I think so... The snow was pretty soft." Stormie: "And I shot when the sail was in low position. OK, let's get going before somebody notices we broke the windmill." Night: "Yeah. I think I'll leave the other…

  • Snowed in

    Deimos: It has been snowing for two days. It's getting pretty deep..." Icy: "I can't see anything except snow. Lift me!" Deimos: "You have wings, you are supposed to be able to fly." Icy: "Not now, I think I have eaten too many cookies."

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