Deep snow on the window sill

2010 Yearbook

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  • What has been going on?

    In the evening I left Rastaban, Algol and Eggie sitting by my computer. Eggie was holding her yellow bunny. In the morning the bunny was lying on the mouse pad and all three were trying to look very innocent. What has been going on in the night?

  • Runeberg's tarts

    Rastaban, Deimos, Fomalhaut and Algol enjoying some Runeberg's tarts. They don't care much about Runeberg's poems but they love the tarts!

  • Too much snow!

    Snow has been accumulating on my window sill. Rastaban can hardly see out!

  • Snowed in!

    The snow has got so thick that Rastaban can't see out any more! Fomalhaut is taller and can still see out.

  • Deep snow on the window sill

    The snow is so deep that Rastaban needs a chair to see out. Fomalhaut is taller and can still see out.

  • Fomalhaut and squirrel tracks

  • Deep snow

    The snow is pretty deep for a small guy like Fomalhaut.

  • Making a bat chair 1/7

    Prototype of the frame construction. Rastaban: "This looks a bit flimsy..."

  • Making a bat chair 2/7

    Reating the frame prototype. Rastaban: "I think this is too small. And a tad uncomfortable..."

  • Making a bat chair 3/7

    Frame made of old aluminum knitting pins and wooden disks. Rastaban: "Now this looks a bit better..."

  • Making a bat chair 4/7

    The frame painted black. Rastaban: "This is starting to look good..."

  • Making a bat chair 5/7

    Fabric covering for the bat chair. Rastaban: "I think this will make the chair more comfortable..."

  • Making a bat chair 6/7

    Bat chair with the fabric cover on. Rastaban: "Looking good. Now I must test it..."

  • Making a bat chair 7/7

    Finished! Rastaban: "This is perfect. Very batty."

  • Thuban

    His original outfit including wings.

  • Thuban

    Closeup in the original outfit

  • Thuban

    Thuban ws so kicky that I had to suede him. I also restrung him with the wingless body because the wings were quite awkward and in the way all the time

  • Thuban

    He is a bit sad because he can't fly anymore

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