Dress #38

100 dresses for Kuura

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  • Dress #1

    Kuura wants to get 100 dresses. She is royal, you know...

  • Dress #2

    Kuura has a dress and shoes trimmed with pearls.

  • Dress #3

    Kuura has a crochet dress and matching shoes trimmed with glass beads and flowers.

  • Dress #4

    Kuura: "Do you think I can wear these old shoes with this dress?"

  • Dress #5

    Kuura's fifth dress - and matching shoes

  • Dress #6

    I think she knows she's pretty whatever she wears.

  • Dress #8

    Kuura's tenth dress is a moomin dress with white sandals - suitable for hot days. I made the sandals simple hoping that Kuura would agree that they can be worn with several different dresses.

  • Dress #7

    Matching shoes, too.

  • Dress #9

    Kuura decided that the white sandals can be worn with several dresses.

  • Dress #10

    This shade of blue matches Kuura's blue skin so nicely.

  • Dress #11

    This dress has already appeared on Kuura in a group picture but I needed a photo of her alone so that I can put it in an album of Kuura's 100 dresses.

  • Dress #12

    Just a better picture of this dress for Kuura's "100 dresses" album.

  • Dress #13

    Kuura: "I think I've worn these same sandals for enough dresses now..."

  • Dress #14

    Kuura: "This is more like it, a fancy dress and new shoes to match it!"

  • Dress #15

    Crocheted lace

  • Dress #16

    Variegated crochet decorated with tiny beads

  • Dress #17

    Long sleeved cotton dress with a crocheted lace apron

  • Dress #18

    One more dress for Kuura's "100 dresses" project. Only 82 more to go...

42 items in total