• Lati Snow Queen crew

    My Lati Snow Queen crew as they arrived. I did not order clothes for Poor Ice Kay so he is hiding behind Snow Queen's trail ;-) I think I may switch some eyes on them, I have never liked those eyes with colored pupils and Byurl's eyes look much lighter t…

  • Snow soldiers Byurl and Pero

    Switched Byurl's eyes to turquoise. I think these guys will be called Ymir and Brimir.

  • Ymir

    He looks a bit worried...

  • Snow Queen's Body Guards

    Ymir: "I hope we don't have to fight any dragons today..." Brimir: "Dragons? What dragons?" Thuban: "Did someone call for dragons?"

  • Ymir and Eggie

    Eggie: "What are you doing hiding behind my chair?" Ymir: "The dragon... did he go already?" Eggie: "You mean Thuban? Don't worry, he's not dangerous except during the flu season!" Ymir: "You mean people may catch his cold?" Eggie: "No, people may cat…

  • Wig trials

    I tried some new wigs on my Snow Queen crew because the original wigs are not of very good quality (the styles are cute but they are very sparse). These wigs are the same style but Ymir's wig has been trimmed a bit. Does the blue color look too overwhel…

  • Wigs for the snow soldiers

    I managed to find a slightly yellowish white wig for Ymir, the same shade as his original wig. And Brimir got the bright white wig - also the same color as his original one. I also changed Brimir's eyes because the originals appeared a bit too large. Thes…

  • Shoe material

    Ymir: "Do you think we could get blue suede trainers?" Brimir: "I think there may be just enough material for two pairs of small trainers..."

  • Trainers

    Ymir: "So we did get blue suede trainers..." Brimir: "What are we supposed to train with them? Animals?" Ymir: "I sure hope we don't need to train any dragons..."

  • Sandals

    Because of the warm weather my Lati boys have been demanding that I make them sandals (the trainers are too hot to wear in warm weather)

  • Mushroom spotting 1/3

    Brimir: "Look! We found a mushroom!" Ymir: "But it has no spots..."

  • Mushroom spotting 2/3

    Mushroom spotting is hard work. Luckily Ymir and Brimir found a nice mossy tree stump to rest a bit.

  • Mushroom spotting 3/3

    Ymir: "Look! We found a small red mushroom!" Brimir: "And it has spots, too!"

  • Showing off

    Ymir and Brimir are showing some of their acrobatic skills - or are those some fancy unarmed combat manouvers? Or are they break dancing?

  • Motorists 1/2

    Brimir: "Cool bike, can you drive it?" Ymir: "Probably... If I can figure out how it starts..." Deimos: "Hey, what are you guys doing with my bike? You are too small to drive!" Brimir: "Will you take us for a ride, then?" Deimos: "OK, but you must wea…

  • Motorists 2/2

    Deimos: "Hold on tight now." Ymir & Brimir: "Wheeeeee...." WROOOOOOOOMM... I think my floor is about to lose its shine...

  • Shoes

    I had to get new jogging shoes. Ymir, Brimir and Candy decided to test them. It looks like I have to check my shoes carefully before putting them on. They may be infested... (ADAD 10/365)

  • Alien Defense Unit

    Ymir and Brimir are ready to defend the Earth against all alien intruders. (ADAD 24/365)

95 items in total