• Lati Snow Queen crew

    My Lati Snow Queen crew as they arrived. I did not order clothes for Poor Ice Kay so he is hiding behind Snow Queen's trail ;-) I think I may switch some eyes on them, I have never liked those eyes with colored pupils and Byurl's eyes look much lighter t…

  • Snow soldiers Byurl and Pero

    Switched Byurl's eyes to turquoise. I think these guys will be called Ymir and Brimir.

  • Brimir

    He looks like he hasn't got a clue...

  • Snow Queen's Body Guards

    Ymir: "I hope we don't have to fight any dragons today..." Brimir: "Dragons? What dragons?" Thuban: "Did someone call for dragons?"

  • Wigs for the snow soldiers

    I managed to find a slightly yellowish white wig for Ymir, the same shade as his original wig. And Brimir got the bright white wig - also the same color as his original one. I also changed Brimir's eyes because the originals appeared a bit too large. Thes…

  • Shoe material

    Ymir: "Do you think we could get blue suede trainers?" Brimir: "I think there may be just enough material for two pairs of small trainers..."

  • Trainers

    Ymir: "So we did get blue suede trainers..." Brimir: "What are we supposed to train with them? Animals?" Ymir: "I sure hope we don't need to train any dragons..."

  • Sandals

    Because of the warm weather my Lati boys have been demanding that I make them sandals (the trainers are too hot to wear in warm weather)

  • Mushroom spotting 1/3

    Brimir: "Look! We found a mushroom!" Ymir: "But it has no spots..."

  • Mushroom spotting 2/3

    Mushroom spotting is hard work. Luckily Ymir and Brimir found a nice mossy tree stump to rest a bit.

  • Mushroom spotting 3/3

    Ymir: "Look! We found a small red mushroom!" Brimir: "And it has spots, too!"

  • Showing off

    Ymir and Brimir are showing some of their acrobatic skills - or are those some fancy unarmed combat manouvers? Or are they break dancing?

  • Motorists 1/2

    Brimir: "Cool bike, can you drive it?" Ymir: "Probably... If I can figure out how it starts..." Deimos: "Hey, what are you guys doing with my bike? You are too small to drive!" Brimir: "Will you take us for a ride, then?" Deimos: "OK, but you must wea…

  • Motorists 2/2

    Deimos: "Hold on tight now." Ymir & Brimir: "Wheeeeee...." WROOOOOOOOMM... I think my floor is about to lose its shine...

  • Shoes

    I had to get new jogging shoes. Ymir, Brimir and Candy decided to test them. It looks like I have to check my shoes carefully before putting them on. They may be infested... (ADAD 10/365)

  • Alien Defense Unit

    Ymir and Brimir are ready to defend the Earth against all alien intruders. (ADAD 24/365)

  • Band practice

    What should their band be called? "Candy And The Blue Pajamas"?

  • At the Snow Queen's Court

    There are a lot of visitors at the Snow Queen's court. Her body guards are busy watching that nobody does any mischief...

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