• Lati Snow Queen crew

    My Lati Snow Queen crew as they arrived. I did not order clothes for Poor Ice Kay so he is hiding behind Snow Queen's trail ;-) I think I may switch some eyes on them, I have never liked those eyes with colored pupils and Byurl's eyes look much lighter t…

  • Snow Queen and Ice Kay

    Snow Queen has Ice kay's eyes and Ice Kay has blue eyes because I did not like the eyes that were on the Snow Queen originally. I think these two will be called Kuura (Hoarfrost) and Pyry (Blizzard).

  • Pyry


  • Pyry at a lake

  • Overalls

    I made overalls for Pyry and Spark. Now all my lati boys want them. I guess I must continue sewing them...

  • Wig trials

    I tried some new wigs on my Snow Queen crew because the original wigs are not of very good quality (the styles are cute but they are very sparse). These wigs are the same style but Ymir's wig has been trimmed a bit. Does the blue color look too overwhel…

  • Sandals

    Because of the warm weather my Lati boys have been demanding that I make them sandals (the trainers are too hot to wear in warm weather)

  • A new hat

    Pyry: "I'm ready for winter!" (ADAD 4/365)

  • It's getting cold!

    Pyry: "Look the outside temperature is only 6.1 C !" Chilly: "Winter is coming!" Frosty: "Yay!" Icy: "We are not there yet, it's only fall. It looks promising, though..." Pyry: "Well, at least the inside temperature is still 22.9 C." (For those using…

  • The ice blue boys

    Icy, Pyry and Bluey Bluey: "Now where are the cookies you promised us for posing for the photo?" (ADAD 25/365)

  • At the Snow Queen's Court

    There are a lot of visitors at the Snow Queen's court. Her body guards are busy watching that nobody does any mischief...

  • The Ice Blue Boys

    Pyry and Icy (19/365/2014 Toy Project) (19/30 - Icy)

  • Pyry and his blue minions

    I think they are practicing "Walk Like an Egyptian" (50/365/2014 Toy Project) (52 Weeks Photography Project - Week 8: Blue)

  • Hammock for two

    If you are small, the hammock is big enough for two.

  • Hammock for four

    The hammock can even hold four small ones!

  • Mischief?

    I wonder what Poseidon intends to do with that trident...

  • Sledding?

    Pyry: "Hey, where did all the snow go?" (ADAD 2015 January 1: New)

  • Icy/Ice

    Pyry and Icy wanted to see if the ice in the lake was suitable for some ice hockey but we have had thaw for a few days and there was water between the snow and the ice. When the snow was cleared away the ice was all soft and wet. Not suitable for ice hock…

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