Yggdrasil in default green wig and with green eyes

I thought green eyes would look better with the green wig than the original blue eyes.


I found a small piece of nice green velvet. Jeero and Wage are helping to measure if it is big enough to make a suit for Ygg.

Ygg in green velvet

The piece of green velvet was enough to make a suit for Ygg - there was even a little scrap left over!

In the fall forest

Ygg: "What is happening to all the beautiful green leaves?" Sprout: "They are flying south for the winter!" I don't think Domos are the most competent science teachers...

New rompers

Yggdrasil and Ratatosk got new woolly rompers to keep them warm in the wintertime. Bones: "Nice buttons on that suit..." Ratatosk: "If you touch my buttons you'll regret it for the rest of your life!" Bones: "Those buttons are so small that they are not worth much anyway..." Piney: "Hmmm... nice material... I like the color..."

Rastaban, Yggdrasil and Eggie playing with action figures

Eggie does not care what her action figures are as long as they are yellow. The Sumo wrestlers don't seem to like serving as Eggie's dolls but the crash test dummy does not seem to mind.


Have you hugged a tree today? If you think it is too cold outside to go and hug a tree, you can hug a little green tree fairy. Or a little green Jeero.


I made some new clothes for Ygg and now he wants to go out and see all the new spring growth. Mossy wants to go with Ygg. Unfortunately I had to tell them that there is nothing but snow outside, spring is still far away.


I made some new clothes for Ygg. You can tell he loves green.
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