• Pup

    Halloween Coco, just arrived

  • Pup closeup

    Halloween Coco

  • Acrobats

    Fenris and Pup are showing some acrobatics. No tricks (no blu tack, magnets, photoshopping or whatever), they can really do this!

  • Pup breakdancing

    The famous one hand stand! (No blu tack or magnets involved, she can really do this!)

  • Pup's new dress

    She looks good in green

  • Crocodile wrestling, anyone?

    Pup: "Here, your Crocodile Dundee may wrestle my crocodile!" Algol: "This is Indiana Jones, not Crocodile Dundee!" Pup: "Whoever. He would have lost anyway..."

  • Happy Easter!

    Pup, Eggie, Lumi and Dandy wish you all Happy Easter. Dandy: "Is the photo ready soon? When can we start eating the chocolate eggs?" Eggie: "These are just wooden decorative eggs, you can't eat these!"

  • Pup

    Pup got a new dress for Christmas. Bling Domo seems to be more interested in her new golden shoes. Bling: "Nice shoes. I sure hope they are not made of Domo skin..." Pup: "Of course not, that would be cruel!" Bling: "I have seen Domo sweaters..." Pup:…

  • Bling and the shoes

    Pup: "Come back! Who gave you the idea of swiping my shoes!" Bling: "Ooops... "

  • Shoes

    Pup: "Here, I found you some shoes so you don't need to swipe mine!" Bling: "These are no good! They are just yellow, not golden, and they are too small, I can't get them on!" Choccy: "Look! I've got platform shoes!" Bluey: "Ha-haa! Choccy has girl sho…

  • Froggies

    Pup: "Hello little froggies!" Frogs: "Ribbit!"

  • Love Potion Number 9

    Lumi: "what is this? I took a sip of this love potion I got from Niks and Naks yesterday and now all the frogs are following me!" Frogs: "Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit!" Pup: "Try kissing them. Maybe one of them will turn into a prince!" Frogs : "RIBBIT! RIBB…

  • Pup and Spark

    I've been testing vintage crochet and knitting patterns and tweaking them a bit to fit the Lati Yellows.

  • Pup's new outfit

    Wage likes the color of Pup's outfit.

  • Summer dresses

    I made new summer dresses for Lumi, Pup and Eggie. They wanted to try them on though the summer is still far away.

  • Summer dresses

    I tweaked my Lati dress pattern into a dropped waist one. And of course Lumi, Pup and Eggie all wanted a dress made with the new pattern.

  • Summer dresses

    I have tested another dress pattern for the little Latis. Lumi, Pup and Eggie are pleased with all the new dresses they are getting.

  • Summer dresses

    Another summer dress pattern for Lumi, Pup and Eggie.

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