Pilvi having a tea party with her dollies and stuffies

10 Latis

My Latis when there were only 10 of them! Pilvi, Sampo, Deimos, Fomalhaut, Thuban Eggie, Spark, Rastaban, Lumi, Algol


With mountain ash flowers.

Pilvi trying on a new wig

Pilvi trying on a new wig

She has decided she likes this one the best.

Lumi reading to her little sisters

'Twas the night before Christmas...

Aniara reading to all little Lati Yellows.

Happy again

Pilvi felt sorry for Domo and the Lego men who had lost their bicycle so she decided to give them a ride in her pram. As you can see everybody looks happy again.

Tea Party

Pilvi has set up a tea party for her little friends. She is serving pretend tea and little heart shaped cookies.
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