• Three

    (ADAD 2015 October - 14: Numbers)


    (ADAD 2015 October - 31: I wore...)

  • Reading

    Babo: "Beans! BOO! Read the story about the gingerbread house!" Pilvi is trying to read to the little ones but nobody seems to be very interested... (ADAD 2015 November 23)

  • Glittery threads

    I went to a sewing machine store to buy some standard sewing thread and while there I noticed that they had these wonderful thin metallic threads that can be knitted or crocheted along with any standard yarn to produce a glittery effect. Eggie is pleased…

  • Yellow flowers

    Eggie loves even weeds as long as they are yellow.

  • Toys

    Earlier children's toys were made of wood or other natural materials like Ymir's rocking horse. Nowadays they are made of plastic like Eggie's toys.

  • Eggie's baby

    Eggie's baby is yellow, of course.

  • Banananana!

  • Introduction

    Tarzan: "Me Tarzan, you Jane?" Eggie: "Wrong. You Tarzan, me Eggie."

  • Eggie and spring flowers

    S is for Siberian Squills

  • Eggie took her spaceman out to see spring flowers

    Eggie: "Look! hepaticas! What a pity we did not find any yellow flowers..."

  • Shoes

    Eggie and Pup have decided that Bambi needs to be shod. Hansel is rather amused by the process. (Photo a Day, July: 13. On my feet)

  • Hearts

    Eggie's dress is trimmed with tiny beads and heart-shaped buttons (Photo a Day, August 10: Heart-shaped)

  • More tricks

    Jippo: "All right, whoever jumps through the hoop gets a dozen donuts." Icy: "I'm ready!" Jippo: "Hey, no flying! That's cheating!" (Photo a Day, August 23: Brightly colored)

  • Crowded

    Eggie's chair is round and crowded. (Photo a Day, August 25: Crowded)

  • Knitting lesson

    The girls are learning to knit pot holders.

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