• Lucky Uckys

    Yesterday some Domos arrived from Australia and brought a surprise with them: Some Lucky Uckys! Eggie, Pup, Pilvi and Lumi each got one. You can see that they are very pleased.

  • Doppelgängers?

    Eggie: "Dandy and Sunny2 are my special Domos! Everything that is yellow is mine!" Doppelgängers: "Hugs! Cookies!"

  • Crowded

    Eggie: "It's getting a bit crowded here..." Dandy: "Do you have anything to eat here?" Sunny2: "Where are all the yellow cookies?"

  • Rastaban, Yggdrasil and Eggie playing with action figures

    Eggie does not care what her action figures are as long as they are yellow. The Sumo wrestlers don't seem to like serving as Eggie's dolls but the crash test dummy does not seem to mind.

  • Eggie and Domos

    Eggie: "I need a yellow pram!" Sunny2 & Dandy: "Faster! Faster!" Jelly & Mango: "Our turn next!"

  • More crochet

    Lumi and Eggie got new dresses, too. Variations of the same vintage crochet pattern.

  • Eggie and the chocolate egg

    Eggie: "This egg is mine because it has a yellow bird on it. Everything that is yellow is mine!" Me: "I don't think you can eat that alone..." Sunny2: "No problem we will help!"

  • Eggie and the Angry Bird

    Eggie: "Not fair! The bird was blue, not yellow!" Domos: "Nomnomnom..."

  • Summer dresses

    I made new summer dresses for Lumi, Pup and Eggie. They wanted to try them on though the summer is still far away.

  • Summer dresses

    I tweaked my Lati dress pattern into a dropped waist one. And of course Lumi, Pup and Eggie all wanted a dress made with the new pattern.

  • Angry Birds

    Sunny2: "Look! We got all the Angry Birds!" Eggie: "The yellow bird is mine. Everything that is yellow is mine!" Dandy: "We must construct some kind of scaffolding for the piggies, so we can play!" Billder: "Did someone mention constructing something?"

  • Summer dresses

    I have tested another dress pattern for the little Latis. Lumi, Pup and Eggie are pleased with all the new dresses they are getting.

  • Summer dresses

    Another summer dress pattern for Lumi, Pup and Eggie.

  • Ymir and Eggie

    Eggie: "What are you doing hiding behind my chair?" Ymir: "The dragon... did he go already?" Eggie: "You mean Thuban? Don't worry, he's not dangerous except during the flu season!" Ymir: "You mean people may catch his cold?" Eggie: "No, people may cat…

  • Girls in crochet

    I have been crocheting little dresses for my Lati girls again. Pup's green dress is actually an old one, but the others liked it, so Eggie, Lumi and Kuura each got one, too.

  • Eggie

    Eggie wanted a new dress from that Mini American Girl pattern, too. And it is yellow, of course. (ADAD 15/365)

  • Eggie and fall leaves

    Eggie: "Yay! All these leaves are mine! Everything that is yellow is mine!" Sunny2 & Mango: "Yay! Yellow!" (ADAD 20/365)

  • Travel stories

    Sunny is telling about his travels to Eggie and her toys and minions. (56/365/2014 Toy Project)

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