• Eggie and Tansy

    - Look! Yellow buttons growing in the forest! These are mine because they are yellow! Everything that is yellow is mine!

  • Eggie and the yellow flower

    Eggie: "I must get that flower. It is yellow and everything that is yellow is mine!" Me: "Come down immediately! The flower is growing on someone else's yard! You can't pick it!"

  • Eggie and late autumn flowers

  • Eggie and Wage

    Eggie: "I think it has started to rain..."

  • Eggie has golden eyes

  • Lumi reading to her little sisters

  • 'Twas the night before Christmas...

    Aniara reading to all little Lati Yellows.

  • Yellow conflict

    Mostly my little Latis play nicely with each other, but sometimes there is a conflict... Sampo: You have taken my Picachu and my Picachu hat again!" Eggie: "Everything that is yellow is mine!"

  • Egg and Eggie

    Eggie: "Here, let me help you out of the shell..." Wage: "What? An early Easter Egg... No, it's a Domo Egg!" Eggie: "He's mine. Everything that is yellow is mine." Domo: "COOKIES!" Wage: "I think he's hungry..." Eggie: "Well, go and get a few of thos…

  • Naming Domos

    Wage: "This won't do! The Domos are multiplying and when I call 'Domo' they all come running! They need names!" Eggie: "That's easy. The peppermint colored one is 'Candy', the dandelion colored one is 'Dandy' and the rusty one is obviously 'Rusty'." Wag…

  • Happy Easter!

    Pup, Eggie, Lumi and Dandy wish you all Happy Easter. Dandy: "Is the photo ready soon? When can we start eating the chocolate eggs?" Eggie: "These are just wooden decorative eggs, you can't eat these!"

  • Eggie's baby

    Eggie has discovered that an old matchbox makes a perfect bed for a Lego person. I think the sumo wrestler is not very eager to play the part of Eggie's baby.

  • Yellow

    Eggie: "Look at all these yellow leaves! They are all mine! Everything that is yellow is mine!" Me: "Mmm... I don't think you can take all the yellow leaves home..." Eggie: "No. They are all mine, but I'm leaving them here for everybody to enjoy. I'm ve…

  • Yellow

    Eggie: "I won't let Travelling Domo travel anywhere. He's mine because he is yellow. Everything that is yellow is mine!" Me: "Travelling Domo must leave soon. You must let him go. And what about Dandy? See how sad he is." Dandy: "I was supposed to be yo…

  • Head hunter

    Spark: "Hey, all my ninjas are headless! ... Eggie has taken all the heads!" Eggie: "Everything that is yellow is mine!" Fenris: "Turn the ninjas into werewolves. I have a few extra werewolf heads..." Spark: "Werewolf ninjas... hmmm..."

  • Heads

    Eggie: "If two heads are better than one, then how about three heads or five heads or..." Dandy: "More heads coming up!" Eggie agreed to give the ninja heads back to Spark when she found out that there are plenty of other yellow Lego heads. Now I have a…

  • He ain't heavy, he's my Domo!

  • In disguise

    "Ain't nobody here but us Pikachus!"

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