• Spark

    Beware of a bald ninja!

  • Spark

    The Ninja Spirit Guardian

  • Spark

    He had way too much blue under his eyes - and the blotches weren't even the same size - so I tried removing some of the blue.

  • Spark

    Better view of the fixed face up withoug wig.

  • Spark

    While waiting for me to make him some clothes Spark is watching the Seven Samurai on TV.

  • Spark

    A jukata for Spark

  • Spark

    Back of the jukata.

  • Mutant ninja turtle trainer

    I think one of the turtles has not mutated yet...

  • 10 Latis

    My Latis when there were only 10 of them! Pilvi, Sampo, Deimos, Fomalhaut, Thuban Eggie, Spark, Rastaban, Lumi, Algol

  • Spark closeup

    He originally had way too much blue shadow under his eyes, but I eventually managed to remove it without otherwise damaging his face-up

  • Obstacle course training for ninja turtles

    Hikaru: "Come on! Hurry up! You are not even trying!" Turtles: "Nnnnngggh.... ¤#%*?@£*!!!"

  • Spark

    showing his balancing skills, too.

  • Lumi and Spark

    can both stand on one leg now.

  • Ninja turtle training - a swimming lesson

    Spark: "Get to the water and start swimming! You must be able to swim if an enemy throws you into water. Swimming is a survival skill!" Ninja turtles: "!*?#¤@*!!!" Spark: "Move! You are not even trying!" Ninja turtles: "*?**#¤@*!!!"

  • Ninja turtle training - a swimming lesson

    Hikaru: "Move! You are not even trying!" Ninja turtles: "!*?#¤@*!!!"

  • Algol and Spark playing with action figures

    Algol: "Indiana Jones is going into that cave to search for archeological artifacts!" Spark: "My ninja is coming along to protect him!"

  • Spark and his ninja

  • Droids vs. ninja turtles

    Deimos and Spark are having an argument about which are better, droids or ninja turtles.

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