Sampo playing in the forest

If you think Sampo's hair looks different in this picture you are right, Lati sent originally an incorrect wig (not this one, the blond one Eggie got).

Sampo in Picachu hat

The Picachu hat was Sampo's favorite - until he lost it to Eggie ;-)

Sampo in a mountain ash

Sampo sitting on fungus

Sampo in the forest


My resident gardener.

10 Latis

My Latis when there were only 10 of them! Pilvi, Sampo, Deimos, Fomalhaut, Thuban Eggie, Spark, Rastaban, Lumi, Algol

The little gardener

Sampo is in charge of my balcony flowers - it's quite a big job for such a little hobbit, but he seems to have a green thumb, the flowers are doing fine.

Sampo and lingonberries

Sampo has found an information sign that eplains what lingonberries are supposed to look like.
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