• Algol and my computer

    Algol: "Is this the button where this thing is switched off?"

  • Algol and tar flowers

  • Algol on the beach

  • Algol in the forest

  • Algol

    Resting on the overpass.

  • Algol in the forest

  • Algol in the forest

  • Algol by the lake

  • Algol at the lake

  • Algol dressed for Halloween

    An escaped prisoner

  • Gingerbread demolition

    Algol starts from the top...

  • Demolition of my first gingerbread house

    It was supposed to be a moomin house but it got quite crooked and it was not worth taking pictures of. Except the demolition...

  • What has been going on?

    In the evening I left Rastaban, Algol and Eggie sitting by my computer. Eggie was holding her yellow bunny. In the morning the bunny was lying on the mouse pad and all three were trying to look very innocent. What has been going on in the night?

  • Runeberg's tarts

    Rastaban, Deimos, Fomalhaut and Algol enjoying some Runeberg's tarts. They don't care much about Runeberg's poems but they love the tarts!

  • Easter

    Eggie, Algol, Rastaban and Thuban got some chocolate bunnies for Easter.

  • Algol on an archeological expedition

    I hope he can find his way back home...

  • Algol on an archeological expedition

    Using a compass to find his way home.

  • 10 Latis

    My Latis when there were only 10 of them! Pilvi, Sampo, Deimos, Fomalhaut, Thuban Eggie, Spark, Rastaban, Lumi, Algol

45 items in total