• Domo!

    "While I nodded , nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door." Actually some one was a tapping at my balcony glass. Icy and Babo went to investigate. They found a small creature who had dug a…

  • Spinning Domo

    If you practice you can make a Domo spin real fast!

  • Spin!

    Jeero has invented a new game: "Spin a Domo"

  • Catch Domo!

    Domo stole Icy's shoes and Babo's antenna for watching the Cookie Channel. Both Icy and Babo are furious and are trying to catch Domo.

  • Faster!

    Domo loves speed - and Lumi was willing to help. Domo: "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....!"

  • Karaoke

    Domo and a couple of Lego people collected on top of my radio to sing some karaoke. The only problem was that Domo can't sing.

  • Peppermint Domo!

    Domo got into my bag of peppermint candy. He thinks they are all rightfully his!

  • Icy and Domo in the snow 1/3

    Icy told Domo that this is the best place for admiring the view...

  • Icy and Domo in the snow 2/3


  • Icy and Domo in the snow 3/3

    Fortunately Domo knows how to get even. What luck that the snow is soft.

  • Bicycle Domo

    Look! No hands!

  • Bicycle

    A clone has taken the bicycle. Domo is chasing him. Now whose bicycle was it in the first place?

  • Bicycle thief

    Domo caught the clone who had taken the bicycle and while Domo and the clone were arguing about whose bicycle that is and whose turn it is to use it, the Mime used the opportunity and borrowed the bicycle.

  • Bicycle joke

    The mime was caught, but while the clone, the mime and Domo were arguing about whose bicycle it was, the jester thought it would be a good joke to take off with the bicycle. Poor Domo is getting quite winded from running after the bicycle thieves.

  • End of chase

    Even the jester was caught eventually, but then Dracula came and stole the bicycle. And nobody wants to chase Dracula and his bat!

  • Happy again

    Pilvi felt sorry for Domo and the Lego men who had lost their bicycle so she decided to give them a ride in her pram. As you can see everybody looks happy again.

  • Domo skiing on a frozen lake

    Domo: "We have conquered the North Pole!"

  • Domo skiing on a frozen lake

    Domo: "Who needs ice cream when one has a whole lake full of ice and snow!"

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