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  • Young

    Hansel has met the dragon boy Thuban and his baby brother. (Photo a Day, July 18: Young)

  • Yummo!

    Nothing is better on a hot day than ice cream! (Photo a Day, July: 17. Yummo!)

  • Close

    Hansel has found a very tiny troll. It must be studied very close. (Photo a Day, July: 16. Close)

  • Football

    The boys are practicing already for the next FIFA World Cup. (Photo a Day, July: 15. Sport)

  • Hansel is very talented

    (Photo a Day, July: 14. Talented)

  • Shoes

    Eggie and Pup have decided that Bambi needs to be shod. Hansel is rather amused by the process. (Photo a Day, July: 13. On my feet)

  • Comfortable?

    Rastaban is letting Hansel test how comfortable his bat chair is. (Photo a Day, July: 12. comfortable)

  • Critters

    In the enchanted forest one can spot all kinds of strange critters like wild domos, baby dragons and angry birds. (Photo a Day, July: 11. Critter)

  • Rawwwwr!!!

    The giant domo wants everybody to think he is very fierce. However, Hansel thinks he is quite cuddly. (Photo a Day, July: 10. Giant)

  • Black

    Cool guys wear black (and skulls). Obviously little Hansel isn't one of the cool guys. (Photo a Day, July: 9. Black)

  • A chair?

    Rusty: "Look! We have made you a chair!" Hansel: "Hmmm... it looks rather wonky. And not very comfortable..." Robby: "It's an ultramodern design chair..." Billder: "... to be admired, not to sit on!" (Photo a Day, July: 8. Wonky)

  • Sunny

    Sunny in the sun

  • On the road

    It is a nice day and Hansel is taking a walk in the forest. He is staying on the road in order not to get lost. He knows by now that the Angry Birds will eat any bread crumbs he tries to leave behind. (Photo a Day, July: 7. On the road)

  • Introductions

    Hansel is introducing Gretel to some friends he met while searching for Gretel. (Photo a Day, July: 6. Friends)

  • Resting

    Gretel is tired after her long journey and Hansel is tired because he has been searching Gretel for such a long time. They are resting in the hammock while telling each other about their adventures. (Photo a Day, July: 5. Tired)

  • Gretel is here at last!

    The ransom has been paid and the evil Customs Officers have released Gretel. Hansel's heart is full of joy because he and Gretel are finally togethere again. (Photo a Day, July: 4. Heart)

  • Gretel

    Tiny Delf Gretel has arrived!

  • Hot news

    Bubo, the Owl Messenger is bringing Hansel hot news that Gretel is being held hostage by the evil Customs Officers. The Domos are hauling in buttons to help pay the ransom. (Photo a Day, July: 3. Hot)

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