Posted on 12/20/2010

Photo taken on December 20, 2010

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The gingerbread lighthouse guards 20

The gingerbread lighthouse guards 20
Stormie: "Hey who are you and what are you doing hanging on the lighthouse tower! Are you a spiderman or something?"

Gekkoman: "I'm the famous superhero, Gekkoman."

Stormie: "Never heard of you. Not a spiderman, eh? So you can't throw webs around to catch villains?"

Gekkoman: "I have got an extraordinary long and sticky tongue. I can fling it at villains and catch them with it."

Stormie: "I thought it was a chameleon that did that..."

Gekkoman: "I knew I should have stayed awake in the biology class!"

Night: "You are not trying to steal that m&m with your sticky tongue, are you?"

Gekkoman: "Now that you mention it, it really looks extremely tasty..."

Stormie: "No nibbling before Christmas. Come back after Christmas to help to demolish the gingerbread house, and you may be able to catch a few candies with that sticky tongue of yours."

Gekkoman: "I'll do that."