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"While I nodded , nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door."

Actually some one was a tapping at my balcony glass. Icy and Babo went to investigate. They found a small creature who had dug a tunnel through the snow and was tapping at the glass. Icy and Babo opened the sliding glass pane to let the visitor in.

Babo: "Look! It's a walking peppermint candy! Can I lick him?"

Domo: "DOMO!"

Icy: "I think he says he is Domo and not a peppermint candy and he does not want to be licked."

Babo: "How did he get here? This is the seventh floor and he has no wings. Maybe a stork brought him."

Icy: "More likely a raven. Come on in, Domo, and have some cookies."

Domo: "DOMO!"

Babo: "I think he likes cookies."

Rebecca Splitty, Doll Addiction USA have particularly liked this photo

spih_2 club
Yes, Candy is my first Domo. That's why he is sooo special. And besides he is also a lucky one. I bought one blind box and did not care very much which color I would get, I just wanted a Domo and thought they are all cute. And then a rare one popped out of the box!
6 years ago.

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