IE_RICK's photos

  • Mesa, AZ

    Transmission line greenbelt

  • Chandler, AZ

    Underground primary feed transformers on a pole then return underground to feed Serrano's Mexican restaurant

  • Regulator for Gumball Streetlights

    6.6A constant current transformer (large white can) controlled by an oil switch (black box on arm) a type of high voltage relay. A photocell is below.

  • Santa Monica Gumball Streetlights

    6.6 amp series wired gumball style streetlights in a residential area. Were previously incandescent, now fitted with HPS ballasts and lamps.

  • 66kV & 12kV Switch

    In Fullerton, CA

  • Transformers

    In Pomona, CA

  • 12kV Riser

    In Pomona, CA

  • Lugo - Mira Loma 500kV 1&2

    In Fontana< CA

  • Mercury Vapor Light

    Line Materials Night Sentry. Not in service as the feed wires have been cut.

  • New Anza Coop Pole

    Currently operating at 33kV, planned for 115kV whe finished and connected to a 115kv line or sub.

  • Twin LPS

    On an Anza coop pole

  • Old AEL Bracket Light

    PAL on Anza Elec Coop system at Lake Hemet

  • SCE Crossover

    500kV Lugo-Vincent lines cross over 287kV Vic-Cen lines

  • LADWP Transposition

    287kV phase transposition tower on Victorville-Century (VIC-CEN) line. Power from Hoover Dam

  • LADWP 34.5kV

    Switch-fuse-cutout-riser all on one pole.

  • My OV20

    I got the lens at an insulator show, I had the head from back in the 80s, finally cleaned them and assembled it.

  • DWP series

    Streetview grabs of series wired street lights in Los Angeles, on DWP poles.

  • Fullerton, CA - 3

    Cascade controlled series street lighting regulator. The oil switch (small black box) is operated from another 6.6A lighting circuit,

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