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  • Wash Day

    We popped out to the shops yesterday and when we got back we found the fairies had been in the garden and done some washing :-)) Please view large, on black.

  • Aquilegia Seed Head

    Taken in my garden. Texture added in post processing.

  • A look inside a Yellow Tulip

    Taken in a neighbour's front garden.

  • Emerging Tulip

    Taken in a neighbour's garden. Best viewed large, on black. Thank you.

  • Gulls in Flight

    Taken on Hayling Island a couple of days ago.......grey, wet and windy, but the gulls seemed to be enjoying themselves. I didn't have to do much to turn this into black and white!

  • Pink Carnation

    Tabletop photography.

  • H F F

    Southsea Lighthouse, Hampshire. Taken back in August last year. Could do with some of that sunshine about now :-)) Happy Fence Friday everyone............I hope you all have a splendiferous weekend.

  • Ivy

    Single leaf photographed against a brick wall. Please view large.......thank you. Posting and running today I'm afraid..........people to see, things to do. I'll catch up tomorrow :-)

  • H F F

    This is the footpath that runs behind St Faith's Church in Havant, Hampshire. Taken last November. Best viewed large, on black. Thank you. Happy Fence Friday everyone. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  • One for Sorrow.....

    A Magpie. Taken in my local churyard,

  • Last Summer's Lily Bud

    Taken last July. Thanks to all who helped with the ID.

  • H F F

    Happy Fence Friday folks :-) Thank you to everyone who takes the trouble to leave a comment and/or a yellow star on my photos. It's always appreciated :-)

  • Number 10

    I really like the bright red colour and the door knocker.

  • Splat..!!

    Spotted on a wall near me............... Please view large on black. Thanks.

  • Pin Cushion

    We were just going to put this in a bag of stuff to go to a charity shop, when I thought I'd grab a photo of it first...........I think it turned out quite well..!! Please view large, on black. Thank you.

  • Magnolia

    Digging back in my archives for something to post again. This Magnolia grows on the border between my front garden and my neighbour's. The flowers never seem to last very long, but in the right light they can be really gorgeous.

  • Spring Snowflake (Leucojum)

    These are in my neighbour's garden. I thought at first they were Snowdrops, but on closer inspection saw they were Snowflakes, although they are quite similar and just as pretty.

  • Summer Memories

    Having been stuck indoors for so long, I'm running out of new photos to post so I thought I'd have a look through last summer's images. This is a view across Bosham Harbour which I quite like.

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