Pictures for Pam, Day 111: Happy Fence Friday! (NO PARKING AT ANY TIME!) :D

(+1 inset) For the past few days I've woken up to a very light dusting of snow which melts within an hour. I haven't been outside in the mess because it's a sloppy, muddy, slippery situation the moment I step off of our porch. The ground is totally saturated and it's a squelching, sloppy mess with every step. I just don't have the patience or interest to deal with mud caked on my shoes if ever I step off the gravel drive. Also, the dirt here is heavy clay so if I get mud on my shoes it's thick and heavy and makes me feel like Frankenstein with my huge feet of sticky clay! Today is another Thursday, which means it's time to post my Happy Fence Friday picture! I’ve got so many fun shots from the motorcycle trip that Steve took a few years ago, I don't know how I'll ever get through them all! :D Whenever I think about this trip, I am reminded of how grateful I am to our traveling photographer friend, Andy Spliethof. He encouraged me to take pictures from the back of the motorcycle as Steve took us on our adventures and I was finally brave enough to try. Once I got used to this method of photography it totally liberated me! It’s made it possible for me to document our trips in an incredible way and the memories from those images are priceless. The photo I'm featuring is from the stretch we rode between the extreme northern coast of California at Fort Bragg down to Santa Cruz, which is south of San Francisco. The coastline is rugged, wild and extremely beautiful. The roads are winding and rustic, full of countryside and seaside views that are totally breathtaking. There is a reason the west coast route from Canada to Baja, California (just north of Mexico) is so popular. The scenery is spectacular! (I've also included a picture I took before I had my Canon 5D Mk II/III when Steve and I drove down to Upper Lake Klammath. The area is brimming with beauty, including the fence shot I am including! :) Pam, I took a peek in your photo stream for a wonderful image and found myself staring dreamily at your glowing pear blossoms image . What lovely light! Incredible! I hope that you are having some pretty days to counter our muddy, sloppy ones! *BIG HUGS* from southern Oregon! Explored on 3/01/19, highest placement, #1.

Pictures for Pam, Day 56: HFF: Golden Gate Bridge

(+2 insets: one of them is Pam's picture!) So it's almost 8pm here and we got home about 30 minutes ago. Steve and I drove back to Oregon after a six day visit to see my younger brother and his wife and family just across the Bridge from San Francisco. We had such a fantastic time! In the end we didn't do a lot of stuff but it was exactly the right pace for us. We relaxed, made some delicious food, did some hiking, spent a lot of time with family and had a super time. I also had a terrific time wandering around their property taking pictures inside and out. Couldn't have asked for a better getaway! Today's picture is for Happy Fence Friday, and what better than to use another image of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge? This photo was taken during our motorcycle trip a couple of years ago. However, I didn't take it from the back of motorcycle. We parked and took a bunch of shots before heading into the City. I think it's pretty hard to take a bad picture of this lovely bridge! :) By the way, the other day I posted an abstract view of the Bridge as we were crossing it and I totally forgot to mention something super cool! I would like you to take a look at the two inset images. You will see my picture and you will also see another one. The other is so similar that you might think that I took it too. NO! Pam took that one! Without seeing each other's pictures, we both took two that are totally close in appearance! I find it amazing because that view is unique. And yet, we have the same idea in an inspired image! I just love that. Pam, it was such fun to look at your San Francisco pictures. I hope that you will be able to post more from your visit because I'm sure you have piles of winning shots that we will all love. I really loved seeing the similarity of our GGB photography too, you are so totally my Pod Sister! Thinking of you every day my dear! Explored on 1/4/19, highest placement, #7.

Pictures for Pam, Day 51: Golden Gate Bridge

Steve and I spent the day driving from Oregon to the San Francisco Bay Area to stay with my younger brother Brian and his wife Nathalie. It was a lovely drive! Incredible views everywhere, and we saw a mind-boggling sunset over the Bay, which we were crossing at the time...unbelievable reflections and colors everywhere! This is going to be really short because we're off to eat and hang out! This picture is another one from our motorcycle trip a couple of years ago. As we rode over our beloved Golden Gate Bridge, I pointed my camera up and got this! :) Please forgive my lack of commenting today, and it's going to be severely limited for the next week, but will get back to normal once we return! :) Pam, I know you've been here!! How wonderful that you've set foot on this remarkable bridge. I'm thinking of you and hoping you're feeling good today! Explored on 12/29/18, highest placement, #9.

Pictures for Pam, Day 49: HFF: Cyprus Forest

(+ 2 foggy panorama insets!) Although the days are now beginning to get longer, it was still pitch black when I got up today. I peeked out and saw the reason why. Storm clouds and a thick layer of fog hung heavy over our valley and kept the dawn at bay until Pumpkin and I were downstairs and getting the day started. Finally it began to get light, hooray! :) My morning was its normal bustle of activity as I prepared for my morning exercise. It would be nice to walk in the cool foggy setting. (see my insets!) As I started my first lap down to the gate I heard a wonderful sound. This noise made me stop walking and direct a beaming smile across the road and into a far tree. "Bar! Bar-bar-bar-bar-BAR!" Exactly HOW does one spell the sound of an outraged grey squirrel? I found an audio file that is very close to what I was hearing if you'd like to listen for yourself: Sounds of an annoyed Gray squirrel . (Our grey squirrels have fewer "barks" that are much louder, have more of an echo sound, and their calls carry a long distance.) I listened gleefully as a Western Grey Squirrel yelled an extremely disgruntled string of expletives at an unfortunate target nearby. "BAR-BAR-BAR! Bar! Bar-BAR-BAR-BAR!" Oh dear. Somebody was in BIG TROUBLE. I felt sorry for the recipient of the dressing-down. More yelling ensued. My eyes twinkled mischievously. I couldn't help snickering because whenever I hear this glorious scolding, I immediately picture what it looks like. As we all know, squirrels are hopelessly fluffy. Some might even describe them as blubberously round! When they vocalize, their torsos UNGULATE with each noise! At the same time, their tails flick in time to the furious outburst! If you should be so lucky as to see this, you will likely collapse onto the ground in a helpless fit of hysterics! I ask you: how can anything take a squirrel seriously when they deliver such a hilarious scolding? Grey squirrels aren't usually seen on our property, but I've encountered them a few times. I'll be out taking pictures, minding my own business and suddenly I become the target of a verbal lashing of epic proportion by a grey squirrel! Why, THE NERVE! How RUDE! Looking up, I worry about acorns raining down around me! Angry squirrel yells down at me, "HEY! HUMAN! GET OUTA HERE!!" Gasping in shock, all I can do is laugh in delight and ask for more. "What's that, Mr. Squirrelly Whirlly? I can't hear you!" Disgusted retorts ensue, "YOU HEARD ME! YOU STINK! LEAVE THIS PLACE! YOU'RE NOT WELCOME!" Peering up through the branches I spot the pulsing body and flicking tail. I lose it. "BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!!" Outraged squirrel blasts a foul retort. "THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER, YOU DISPICABLE BI-PED!" I trade insults until tears of mirth are rolling down my cheeks and my sides are hurting from my nonstop chortling. I must leave before I die laughing, so I stagger away, giggling weakly as the sounds of a victorious squirrel are heard behind me. "THAT'S RIGHT, YOU DISGUSTING EXCUSE FOR A MAMMAL! FEAR ME, FOR I AM THE MASTER OF THIS PLACE! DO NOT COME BACK HERE OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!!" Wiping the tears from my cheeks I mumble in exhaustion, "Oh dear…I may never recover." What fun…oh how I adore tree squirrels! They have no idea how funny they are! Turning my focus to today's picture, it's HAPPY FENCE FRIDAY! LOL, ok well it's Thursday here in the US but posting my HFF picture today works out the best. I've selected another image from our motorcycle trip back in 2016. Since it was foggy today, I picked a misty image that I hope you'll all enjoy. This particular spot was along the California coast where a Cyprus forest obscured the view of the ocean. It was a rainy day with a thick layer of fog and you can see the mist beyond the trees. This picture was taken from my spot behind Steve as we enjoyed this beautiful ride towards San Francisco. Pam, I saw that you'd gotten to visit San Francisco not too long ago! I would have loved to try to come down from Oregon to meet you but it looks like you had a great time without any help from me! I do know that at some point Steve and I will be going on an RV trip around the US and so eventually there will be pin mark on the map where we visit you! What a fun occasion to think about. :) I can't wait to give you a real, honest to goodness *HUGGGGGGGG*!!!! :D Hope you're having a nice day my dear! Explored on 12/28/18, highest placement, #2.

Pictures for Pam, Day 42: HFF! Eastern California Ranch

(1 inset, read below for explanation!) December 20…just one more day to go before the shortest day of the year! I'm so happy because of course that means that finally the days will begin getting longer again! Hooray!! I simply can't wait before it starts to get light earlier again! This morning I saw some familiar red envelopes on the counter that needed to be mailed so I grabbed them as I walked out the door for my daily exercise. Netflix. We love these guys. In fact, we've been loyal customers since 2001! In fact, the moment I found out about this new movie and tv service, I was on them like white on rice! Why the fervor? One word: commercials. I hate them. Wait, that's not quite right. I LOATHE commercials. But actually, that wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back. It was the ticker tapes and the pop-ups that began covering the screen during a show. All of this garbage made me so crazy that I stopped watching television entirely, in about 1998. I just couldn't stand it anymore. And you know what? I didn't miss a thing. And I was also much happier. Then I found out there was a new service that actually mailed dvds to you and included free return mailers. What?! Who?! Where?! I couldn't sign up fast enough! No more schlepping out to a video store and dealing with returns the next day? No more wasted time picking out a title? No more disappointment because the movie I wanted was rented? I was instantly in love with Netflix and remain blissfully happy all these years! I walked the envelopes down to our mail box and popped the red flag up to alert the postman that we have mail to pick up. Isn't that the coolest thing?! I just love the fact that I don't have to find a public mail box when I need to send something out! Having spent most of my life in San Francisco or a nearby city, I have always relied on public mail boxes. I know you can clip your mail to your mail slot and it will be picked up but I never liked the idea of a stranger noticing and possibly taking your mail. Of course it's possible that our outgoing mail could be stolen from this rural mailbox but the likelihood is very small. I turned to walk back through our gate when I stopped in my tracks and turned around. On the post that holds our mail box was a zip tie used to hold a sign in place. Somehow an Oak leaf had jammed itself onto the zip tie and was now stuck firmly against the post and the sign. I stared. I goggled. How does that even HAPPEN?! I returned a little while later and took a picture because you guys just have to see this!! (see the inset!) It's Thursday for me but Friday in Europe so I'm posting my HFF picture now! This one is from the five-day motorcycle trip that Steve and I went on a couple of years ago with our friend Andy. On Day 4 we rode up the eastern side of California with the spine of the Sierras to our left. We traveled from a town near eastern Yosemite called Bridgeport all the way up to a small town called Alturas. Along the way were mind-bendingly huge ranches littered with cattle. I took this picture while we rode along on this incredibly beautiful day! (The Sierras can be seen rising up in the distance.) Pam, I hope that you've been doing a little better lately! I have seen more of your comments on people's pictures and everyone is so happy for your visit! Here's a wish for a holiday gift from all of us, a healing present that will push you gently towards a happy, healthy you! Thinking of you every day! *HUGGGGGGGS*! Explored on 12/21/18, highest placement, #1.

Pictures for Pam, Day 36: HFF: Trinidad Bay

(+1 inset) (Please view against black at full size! :) "Peep!" said the fluffy little alarm clock. My eyes slowly opened. It was pitch black. I closed my eyes and pretended I didn't hear anything. The feathery timekeeper would not be ignored. Twenty seconds later: "Cheep!" I groaned inwardly and reached an arm out to grab my clock on the nightstand, flailing about until my fingers touched the familiar rectangular shape. Holding it up to my face I pressed the illumination button and was horrified at what I saw. "Oh brother…it's only 6:30am, Pumpkin…" I fumbled the clock back in place and pulled the covers over my head. "Peep-peep!" Pumpkin knew I had stirred and would not be denied. I peeped a contact call back at her in desperation, begging for just a few more minutes of sleep. "Burble-burble-burble!" she chortled softly in the gloom. I whimpered, "Pumpkin, it's too early sweetheart…let Mama Bird sleep for just a few more minutes." Instead of settling down after my quiet cooing, she turned it up a notch. "PEEP-PEEP!" she answered with enthusiasm. Woah is me. I sighed deeply. Poor, tired Mama Bird. "Cheep?" said the timekeeper insistently. Laying there in the dark, it suddenly occurred to me…I could cuddle with her for a few moments before I got up, wouldn't that be nice? So I got out of bed and lifted the towel from the front of her cage and opened the door. Though it was almost completely dark, I could see that Pumpkin was cuddled down in her Happy Hut, a tiny triangular-pup-tent hanging from the top of her cage. She burbled a joyful "cheebie-cheebie-cheebie-cheebie" at me and stepped out onto my offered finger. I climbed back into bed, laid on my side and made a little cave for her to climb into. Pumpkin crawled right in and chortled with delight. Oh my! Such a happy little girl she was! I could feel her moving around under the covers next to my body and she whistled a nonstop stream of cheerful notes. I couldn't help but giggle at her enthusiasm. What a cutie pie. My fingers found her fluffy little body and I itched the spot between her shoulder blades. Pumpkin fairly purred and I beamed joyfully. What a nice way to wake up, even if it was too darned early! :) After ten minutes of cuddling, we got up and went into the bathroom. As usual, Pumpkin supervised my routine from her perch in the shower with lots of delighted whistling and chortles. When I was about to step out of the shower, I thought Pumpkin might like some water to drink. I raised an arm and let the water trickle down to my fingers which I then offered to Pumpkin. She touched the droplets with her beak and drank the water with the cutest little whistling sounds. When she'd had enough she fluffed up all of her feathers and then shook her whole body with a blissful twitter. Covering her with kisses as we stepped out, I thought to myself, "How lucky we are to have this darling little bird! What a DOLL!" :) Today's picture is for Happy Fence Friday! It was taken when Steve and I went on a 5-day motorcycle trip a couple of years ago with a photographer friend of ours. We made a loop from our home to the coast of Oregon, far south into California, then to eastern California, dipping a toe into Nevada and then back again, and finally north and back to our home in southern Oregon. About 100 miles south of Oregon on the first day of our trip, our friend Andy led us to the charming little town of Trinidad . I had never heard of this place but it's now on my list of most beautiful coastal towns in California! When I was looking through my pictures, I found this one of Trinidad Bay, which also has a fence in it! HFF, HUZZAH! I have also included a picture of the lighthouse which I thought was really neat. :) Pam, I hope that things are going well for you today. It's rainy and cold here but I hope you're warm and snuggly in your home right now! I'm thinking of you, wishing I could give you a cup of hot chocolate! Virtual *hugssssssssss* are on their way! :) Explored on 12/15/18, highest placement, #4.

Pictures for Pam, Day 22: Happy Fence Friday

Ok, ok I'll play already!! Happy Fence Friday, SHEESH! I know it's Saturday for all of you eager beavers out there who are so far in front of us slow US tortoises, but from where I'm sitting it's not quite 6pm so my picture counts! :D This picture is part of an unpublished website I created to document the motorcycle trips that Steve and I have been on over the years. The last one we went on was about 2.5 years ago. The five-day trip took us from our home in southern Oregon down through California to San Francisco, south to Santa Cruz, east to Yosemite and north past Reno, Nevada, back into California and north through eastern California and finally back into Oregon past Klamath Falls and home. We went with a good friend who also loves photography and motorcycle touring, so we all had a fabulous time! I took this picture from my position behind Steve on our BMW motorcycle! In fact, I got quite good at capturing the sights as we went along, gathering thousands of images of this trip when all was said and done. I thought this image was a good choice for my HFF submission because it also sums up what it meant to have our friend along with us on this great adventure. It was captured somewhere along the California coast south of Fort Bragg. I really enjoyed revisiting my finished photography from that trip and it makes me wonder if I should go ahead and make the site live. It's basically done. There are journal entries of every day and it's fairly brimming with photography. I never took the final step to make it live because there are a few things that need some work, but the galleries are all there and the writing is done. So maybe I should share it… Pam, I look at this picture and wonder if you've ever been on a motorcycle ride before. It is a very nice experience…you can feel the wind in your hair and smell the land around you. Instead of being boxed in and sealed by a car, you become part of the place that you travel through. We once had a friend who'd never been on a motorcycle before, so Steve gave her a ride over the Bay Bridge into San Francisco…she didn't stop beaming for hours. Maybe someday we will be travelling through your area with our motorcycle and Steve can give you a ride too if you would like! :) This is a joyful thing for me to picture. Hoping you are having a nice Friday!

29/366: Variegated Leaves

Last August, Steve and I went on a group motorcycle trip from southern Oregon to Vancouver, Canada. I took a rented Canon 5D Mark III camera and had some fun trying it out. These are some pretty leaves I found at a rest stop along the way.

Pictures for Pam, Day 160: HFF: Cattle Land in Eastern California

(only one picture today and no time to chat, I hope to write about our exciting updates tomorrow!) It seems like all of my days lately are so busy that I am running out of time to do one thing or another, ack! I am also getting turned around…for instance, all day long I've been thinking it's Wednesday but in fact it's Thursday! That means that the birdy pictures I planned to post today will have to wait until tomorrow, boo! :D Instead, I'll be posting my Happy Fence Friday picture. The bummer is that I'd planned to put up another fence picture from France along with collection of images but…I don't have time to write about the pictures and put them all into insets! Another boo! Oh well! :D My image today is from the motorcycle trip that Steve and I went on a few years ago. This one is from a stretch up the eastern side of California, an incredibly remote and beautiful area that we loved riding through. Pam, how is the weather out your way? It was almost 80 degrees today, what a change from the cold weather we've had up to the past couple of days. I looked for "hot" on your stream and found this darling squirrel who's splayed out on a branch …it's just so funny and cute!! I hope all is well with you today my dear!! *BIG HUGS* Explored on 4/19/19, highest placement, #2.
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