18/366: Hood Ornament

Every year in June, our local city hosts a week-long classic car extravaganza called the Medford Cruise. Hundreds of gorgeous cars from around the western U.S. are showcased during the week which culminates in the Cruise, a mile-long circuitous parade route where drivers have the chance to show off their beautiful cars in motion for a couple of hours. Steve and I went to one of the daily "Show 'n' Shine's", and spent a couple of hours drooling at the parked cars and taking pictures. So many gorgeous details!!! I am not sure what model car this is, but my friend Andy thought it might be a Studebaker? If you know, I'd love to hear from you!

Vintage Car: 1927 Bentley, 6.5 Litre

A few days ago I mentioned that Steve and I went into town and I brought along my camera. While we were walking back to the car from a warehouse store called Costco, Steve pointed at a fabulous old car as we went past it. I was thinking about macros though, and it was parked around a bunch of cars, so I quickly forgot it. We got to our car, started putting stuff in the trunk when Steve said, "HEY! THERE'S THAT OLD CAR!!" I turned, crouched, and quickly took three pictures as it went by. I was totally amazed when I saw this one because it was all in the frame and the focus was great! I think that sometimes our best pictures come from situations like this--don't think, just aim and shoot! (A huge thank you to Martyn Gavan for identifying this car for me: 1927 Bentley, 6.5 Litre!!) (And if you'd like to see a page about this particular car, clever and awesome Keith Burton found this page! Vintage Bentleys: 1927 Bentley, 6.5 Litre [owned by Ron Rezek] ) (Additionally, I found a page in one of the local area's website's here! Ashland, Oregon's Local's Guide: 1927 Bentley 6.5liter Yf4648 ) I had other pictures to process that day, but yesterday I was looking for my pictures of Portia and I remembered this image. Another look convinced me that I really did need to process it. Here's what I did! First, I opened it up and clipped out the car, put it on another layer and then began playing with various ideas. Although this car is a nice forest green, I wanted this image to convey its gorgeous old-time style, so I dove into Topaz Labs Black & White Effects and wallowed in a sea of glorious mono and duo tones, settling finally on a beautiful sepia + selenium blend that gave rich chocolate tones and kept all the detail. The background got the same treatment, with an additional copy of the background receiving a 30% opacity of a filter called "Milk Memories" which gives a lovely white vignette and a wash of white over the whole image. (Hence the 30%--I didn't want to have a strong effect). Then I realized that I wanted some texture to add age, and where better to go than to Jerry Jone's amazing texture sets! I ended up using two of his textures in different opacities: Aborigine and Notaclue1. Thanks Jerry! :) By the way, if you would like to try using textures in your images, I found a very nice tutorial here: Digital Photography School: How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs . Have fun and let me know if you create your own! :)

166/365: "The cars we drive say a lot about us." ~ Alexandra Paul

For anyone that loves classic cars, the Medford Cruise and car shows held yearly in June are not to be missed! They have a lot of neat events, and today Steve and I went to the 72 and older car show. We spent several hours walking around and taking pictures and I got some practice with our 50mm lens! I didn't want to show a standard car picture, so I am sharing an abstract of a gorgeous Chevrolet that was sitting in the shade with reflected light glowing all over it. What a beauty! What a day! I'd like to share more pictures but we got home late and I'm about to turn into a pumpkin! Alexandra Elizabeth Paul (born July 29, 1963) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Lt. Stephanie Holden in the television series Baywatch from 1992–97. She has starred in over 70 movies and television programs. Wikipedia: Alexandra Paul

Glowing Red Chevy Master

1 more view above in the notes! :) This is one of the cars I saw at the classic car show in Medford a couple of weeks ago. I started playing around with the background, which was originally very busy, and loved the result when I changed it to black!

Corvette Stingray Reflection

At the Medford Cruise classic car show, I got the chance to see some of my favorite old cars, including the ever so hot and sexy Corvette Stingray...YOWZA!! I had fun taking my picture in the reflection of this beautiful car's glossy paint job!

Betty Boop at the Medford Cruise Show 'n' Shine

Here's another picture I took at the Medford Cruise "Show 'n' Shine", isn't Betty Boop adorable?! :)

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Red Ghost-Flame Camero

This gorgeous car was the winner of the Double-Down Show 'n' Shine at Medford, Oregon's week-long Classic Car Medford Cruise 2011 event from June 13-19

The Camero

92/366: Pearly Classic

I just love the ornate back ends of classic cars. Such interesting swooshes and details. I have always appreciated old cars, and enjoy staring at them whenever I get the chance. Here in Medford, Oregon, there is a week-long expo in June to showcase these beauties. Different shows every day culminating in a slow cruise parade that lasts for hours on the last day. I got this shot a few years back when Steve and I visited one of the daily "Show 'n' Shine" exhibitions. What a day!! All this time I've been sitting on these pictures, and finally I can share some! During this year, I will be rolling out another dozen if I can, I got so many cool images!
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