Red Leaf

Frosted Thorns


77/366: Twinkling Weeds

This is another shallow depth of field image where only the closest sepals are in focus. It was intentional because I love the way everything begins to fade out into bokeh. I like to stop and appreciate these leftover flower stalks when I see them because the nearly transparent, dried sepals glow so luminously when any light hits them. I found this in September of 2013, a time of year that is bone-dry and brown everywhere. These illuminated weeds add a much appreciated sparkle to a sea of gold and brown. (Question: is "sepals" the right word here? I am not sure, so if you know better, please let me know in a comment! :)

84/366: Wild Grass Close-Up

Though wild grass is something we pull out as a weed, it's very pretty if you take the time to appreciate it. Waving gracefully in a gentle breeze causes the seeds to twinkle as they catch the light. It can be quite a challenge to get something like this in perfect focus with a soft background, so when I succeeded, I was very happy!

90/366: Fledgling Maple Bat

Ok, I admit it. I'm hopelessly of the things I like to do is apply fun names to things that I find. For instance, let's take Maple seeds. Don't they look like a strange sort of bat to you? OF COURSE YOU AGREE WITH ME!! :D So naturally, the proper name is Maple Bat. This tree was brimming with them! Now, since these Maple Bats aren't quite mature enough to fly away, they are fledglings! I see you approaching with a straight jacket but don't worry, I'm not totally insane, I promise! I merely have a thriving and imaginative inner child who loves to help out with anything goofy! :) I captured these a couple of years ago on a lovely spring day.

97/366: Dried Leaf

I think leaves are wonderful photography subjects and have always thought it was a shame that most people don't pay any attention to them. To these people, a leaf is a leaf, who cares, so what? But photographers--and especially those of us who have stopped to take a close look--have discovered that leaves can be endlessly fascinating. Instead of being blind to leaves, I am always on the lookout for another star to capture. They are everywhere, and with a keen eye, it's not hard to spot the special ones that deserve some attention. This wonderful leaf curled its edges as it dried, and it hangs on its meandering stem. The gaps in the forest behind provided some nice bokeh to enhance the background, and finally, it's always fun to find a composition that fits neatly into a square format! Explored on April 9, 2016.

107/366: Lovely Frond

Steve and I were invited to visit our friend's beautiful garden a few years ago and upon entering, I was transported into photographic bliss! Not only did she have countless flowers in immaculate condition, there were lovely ornamental greenery plants as well. This is a magnificent frond from one of her gorgeous ferns.

126/366: Morning Glory Vine

I had a wonderful time growing flowers from seeds, and I especially loved growing Morning Glories! I adore climbing vines with their tendrils clinging to everything. There are so many interesting ways they attach to things they encounter. Even the beginning of a vine is wonderful to look at, with its gleaming, hairy green face peering out to see where it might find a place to begin winding and sending out tendrils!
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