Pictures for Pam, Day 31: Sunrise + 2 insets

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Pictures for Pam, Day 68: Sunrise and Skies

(+6 insets!) I was planning to post a picture from San Anselmo today but… I was not prepared for today's overwhelming skies! I awoke feeling very happy just as the sky was starting to lighten. Looking outside, I didn't see anything special going on and Pumpkin and I hopped in the shower. However, after I got out and checked the sky I noticed the hint of pink appearing on the edges of a few clouds. "Oh boy…" I said to Pumpkin, "I wonder if it's going to be another amazing sunrise?!" She laughed at me. Well, I never! I was happy to see that the day was lightening very slowly. This gave me time to get everything done before the skies were bursting with beauty. I skedaddled outside and none-too-soon because the sky exploded into a kaleidoscope of colors that had me swooning from the beauty of it all. My picture of the day was the pinnacle of sherbet colors silhouetted behind pine and oak trees with the edge of the Upper Table Rock on the right. As the moments passed, the show continued to develop, with pink edge-lit clouds and so many pretty shades cast upon the sky. It was wondrous. I couldn't stop taking pictures, and at one point I found myself traipsing mindlessly through a huge patch of burrs while trying to get just the right angle for a silhouette picture. I looked down. "Oh Janet…your socks…they're completely covered in burrs!" Even my shoes and laces were adorned by the pesky little sticklers. I didn't care…I COULDN'T care! There were more sunrise pictures to be taken! I finally managed to get back onto our road to return to my exercise walk but every time I got to the spot where I take my sunrise panoramas I'd need to take more pictures! It's funny how similar most of them are now that I've looked at them on the computer but I couldn't risk the chance of missing the perfect shot! The skies turned blue, the clouds became white and grey with lovely edge lighting. More pictures! The pond rock got shadows on it and reflected in our pond along with trees and puffy clouds. More pictures! I walked around our pond to see how the reflections changed…you guessed it…MORE PICTURES! Oh dear…I was so out of control today! :D In fact, as Steve and I were making lunch, I looked out and the clouds were so incredible…MORE PICTURES! *face in hands* I am but a puppet for my camera…and just now Steve let me know the skies are totally amazing...yes…MORE PICTURES! In the end, I've posted 6 insets and I hope that you all enjoy the show! I certainly did! :) I do have to say that it's really liberating to post pictures that come from my phone camera. It's easy and available, and even though the quality isn't the best since they are only .jpgs, they are just fine. I fully admit that I was a snob about pictures from a DSLR vs. a point and shoot or phone camera. Ipernity has taught me to cut it out because again and again I've seen staggeringly beautiful pictures from some of our community and guess what? NOT from DSLR. And once I admitted that non DSLR pictures can be every bit as pretty, I've been having such fun sharing these photos!! Thanks for the important lesson, I needed that whack upside the head! No Snootiness Allowed! :D Pam, I have been thinking about you today. The beauty of the skies makes me so happy and glad that I can share some of what I see with the world. I looked at your pictures to see what sky and silhouette pictures you have…oh so many! Aren't we lucky to enjoy this passion together? We can both share these visual treasures to people everywhere in the world. I'm so glad that I have met you, Pam. It's nice to be riding in this boat down the river of life with you. *HUGGGGGGS*!! Explored on 1/16/19, highest placement, #5.






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