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Pictures for Pam, Day 136: Macro Monday: Ballpoint Pens

(+5 insets!) (please view large!) I awoke with a start, my eyes darting around the darkened bedroom. Outside, the wind battered against the house, shaking the windows and rattling the walls. Last night I'd noticed that a big storm was forecast for today and it was letting me know that it had arrived. Pumpkin peeped at me for reassurance from her warm fleece tent hanging in her cage. We cheebied and whistled back and forth in our affectionate contact calls. Then I softly whispered, "I love you, little Chicken" to let her know all was well. It was only 6:00am and far too early to get up so I snuggled back under the covers until 6:45. I'd been able to adjust for daylight savings time and was back to my normal "up with the birds" nice! Dawn was just beginning to lighten the skies when Pumpkin and I popped into the shower with our usual commentary of darling whistles and chirps back and forth. Pumpkin ruffled her feathers in the warm, humid air of the shower and cleaned her feathers inbetween our melodic commentary. Molly greeted us with a wag and a sniff when we got downstairs and soon all of us were provided for…food ready for Pumpkin and Molly, coffee down the hatch for me. Pumpkin stepped off my finger and into her day cage with eagerness, immediately diving into her breakfast and looking outside as the day brightened. I left with an affectionate "I love you, sweetheart! Enjoy your breakfast!" with a muffled whistle in reply. Her beak was buried in her food bowl, the little doll! :) Intermittent raindrops hit me sideways as I walked up and down our driveway. I love to be out in weather like this because it's so raw and wild. How often do you brave this kind of stormy condition? I'm going to bet it's not common unless you must--I used to refuse! But the very reason we don't want to be out is exactly why it's so cool to be immersed in crazy weather. It makes you feel alive and a part of where you live. It's a chance to experience just a touch of Mother Nature's power and life force. The birds carried on as usual, twittering in the trees and flying about. On my first lap down to the gate I disturbed a pair of mallards who'd had a sleepover at our pond. Soon I heard the characteristic whistling sound of their wings as they took off and flew away--they are much too nervous to hang around even though I pose no threat. Good. The next person or creature might and it's best to assume we're all bad. :) I finished my walk just as large drops began to fall. Nice timing! What a great way to start the day, energized and full of vim and vigor! Ok class…can you tell me what day it is? WHY YES! It's Macro Monday!! And today's theme was another one that was seemingly hand-picked for me…ballpoint pens! You may not know this about me, but we have a small wood lathe and I learned how to use it! With this awesome machine I have created--or "turned"--dozens of pens. Both Steve and I are huge fans of exotic wood and when our attention is directed there, we love to make pretty things with our wonderful treasure trove of wood. If you're interested, I have an album of my pens that you may visit if you like which show the majority of the pens I've turned: My Pens Today's Macro Monday challenge was a lot of fun for me because I got to do some artistic photography with them. My main image is a close-up of a pen tip from one of my creations, with lots of others scattered around to create some cool bokeh. The light is shining in from outside and reflecting on the glass table the pens are on. Groovy. :D I've also included some other pictures as insets, I hope you enjoy the presentation! Pam, I know that you don't turn wood but your creativity shows no bounds. As I've said in the past, your collages are masterful things and a wonder for me to peruse and appreciate. Today I've picked out your September 19th Garden Collection Collage to remark upon and what a stunning collection it is! Although it doesn't illustrate the incredible artistic layering and delicate blending of elements as some of your other creations, I saw this first and simply must choose it. What a glorious collection of insect, bird and flower images. Wonderful to see at normal size, by enlarging on black, every picture's pretty details and lovely colors can be appreciated and enjoyed. What a fantastic display of the life where you live, Pam! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us! I hope that today treats you well! *BIG HUGS from southern Oregon*! :D (+4 insets) (please view large!) :) It may be springtime but that doesn't mean the end of freezing cold mornings. I popped out of bed today with a resounding "BRRRRR!!!" I'd set my space heater too low since it's been a lot warmer lately--turning it up was the first thing I did. Cold inside meant it was REALLY cold outside. With all the windows (even double-paned), my bedroom gives a very good indication of the temperature, cold or hot. The thermometer read just 33 degrees but I know it had been colder because frost was melting and dripping from the eaves. I found patches of frost on my walk too and on the gate I admired lovely frozen droplets before the sun made them go away. Since it started off so cold I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share some frosty pictures! My main picture shows our front gate with frosty frozen droplets. I got this image on a particularly cold day and the frost was just incredible! I'm also including some other frozen droplet pictures for you to see! :) Pam, I had fun looking through your frosty images and ended up picking your Birdbath Ice Flower which is a perfect name! The lovely formations are such a joy to look at up close and personal. So cool. I hope your day was warmer than ours, 60 degrees isn't very cold but it was too chilly to be outside without a jacket! *MANY HUGS*!!! Explored on 3/26/19, highest placement, #5.